What is the difference between summary and debugging?

Debugging: Computer programmers, like everyone else, are not perfect. This means that the programs they write sometimes have small errors, called "bugs" in them. These bugs can be minor, such as not recognizing user interface, or more serious, such as memory leakage that crashes the application. Before the software is released to the public, programmers "debug" their programs and exclude as many mistakes as possible.

Comparison: -When programmers create software, they first write the program into source code written on a particular programming language, like C or Java. These code files are stored in a text-based, readable form that can be opened and edited by developers. However, you can not run the source code from your computer. In order for the code to be understood by the CPU, it must be compiled in executable programs.

Most software development plans contain a compiler that collects files in a code. This code, sometimes called a share code, can be performed directly by your computer's processor. Therefore, the application referred to here is referred to as an executable file. Windows executable files have .EXE file extensions, but Mac OS X applications have .APP extensions, which are often hidden.

So the result is a composite program may have errors or errors

To perfect the program, you need to debug and compile programs

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