What is the difference between Palm Pre and Pixi?

Palm Pixi's debut just a few months after Pre was launched in a strong competitive market at the price of all smartphones. Why do we still need another mobile phone / PDA and from the same company? What was Palm Thinking? The Pre now sells about $ 79 from Amazon and Walmart.com and Pixi for $ 24.99. And these prices could continue to decline.

What should you choose as they are both great and sexy smartphones / PDA?

Here are some key facts to consider helping you make the right choice.

Who Should Buy Pixi:

· If you are a student, it's probably the key to Pixi. You get a great operating system, touch sensitive screen, internet access, easy connection to social networks like Facebook, and good multi-taskings as well as decent cameras. Pixi gathers all your friends and contacts into one contact directory and automatically distributes duplicate entries. You can also buy one of the "artist class" removable trays to personalize your personal phone. At under $ 25, it's just no smartphone to match this deal!

· If you are looking for a business from Palm Centro, Pixi is also a good option for you as you are more likely to want this Qwerty keyboard (not found on iPhone) and are used for the smaller screen.

· If you are a BlackBerry user, Pixi will give you a much better browser experience and contact manager than what you're used to in the text format on Blackberry.

· If you have never had a smartphone and do not know if you should spend all that money, Pixi does not brainer under $ 25!

Who Should Buy Palm Pre:

· A Treo user should trade with Pre as you are more likely to be a user and want every opportunity to increase home productivity or travel.

· If you are already a smartphone user, Pre will be delighted to use with a great convenient touchscreen, true multi-tasking OS, Wi-Fi capability (as Pixi does not have), and faster processor.

· If you are an iPhone user and want a larger screen but also want a Qwerty keyboard, then Pre is running out as well as the virtual keyboard.

These are both great phones from a company that has taken the time to get it right, to throw the phone on demographic features and for the price of a conscious consumer.

Source by Audrey Peters

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