What is the difference between a mobile app and mobile web page?

A mobile app is an application downloaded to your smartphone or iPhone. The application is something that is very selective and limited in its role. For example, Chase Bank has an app that allows you to deposit and transfer funds from one account to another. Papa John has an application that allows you to place an order directly from the app. And, Geico now has an app that will quote the kind of insurance you need at night. So, these programs are specific to a particular task. Having an app makes it very easy to make a deposit, order a pizza or another special venture.

So what makes a mobile website? A mobile website will allow your potential customers to perform many different tasks, such as contacting you very quickly and getting information about your business. Here are some other differences that can help you decide if you are using an application or mobile web page.

Speed ​​- Applications can be slow for download if you are in 3G area. This can be very annoying for the user. A well-optimized mobile site will load up very quickly regardless of 3G or 4G. Therefore, the user's smartphone may be less impatient to upload a mobile phone than trying to download an application.

Detection – Unfortunately, applications do not allow potential customers to find your business when you have a Google search. Google has changed all its mobile platforms. It places great emphasis on mobile websites. Your company has a much better chance of displaying local search results if you have a mobile phone.

Updating Concerns. Many times, after the operating system of the phone is updated, the user must also update the application. Also, a new version of the program will probably require an update. When you upgrade your mobile service, the user will automatically see the changes, without attempting to handle them.

Call Action – A mobile website contains numerous "action buttons" for the user to easily contact you or remember information about your business. Some of the popular buttons are Call Now, Send Now, Save Information to GPS, Find Us, and Make Time. The app can also be very good Call Action Actions but is usually limited to Call us or Email us.

Universal – Apps are written for specific operating systems, such as Android or iPhone. A mobile website will appear on any Android, iPhone, or tablet. No worries about what type of device your potential customers are using.

So, as you can see, applications can be great for performing specific tasks like ordering a flower or organizing a cabin. Mobile phones websites can perform various tasks, like traditional desktop websites.

They are both a quick and easy solution for your potential customers. Of course, you might find that the best result is a combination of app and mobile website.

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