What is the best smartphone with the keyboard?

You must be surprised to choose the best QWERTY smartphone 2012, it's not the latest iPhone or HTC, it's not a Galaxy in sight but it's from Samsung. What most smartphone channels forget to consider is how practical smartphone is in a holistic sense. It's great that some smartphones can do everything including starting your car, but protecting the environment? What about your wallet?

Best Smartphone With Keyboard

Many smartphones are still available only as a communication device and it's a monthly bill that people try to avoid more and more. Therefore, the best smartphones of 2012 are definitely Samsung Replenish and Surprise! There is no contract phone that Boost Mobile offers.

Looks Like BlackBerry But With Thin Twist

One look at Replenish and you'll see what copied one of the best smartphones ever, the BlackBerry in its design. It is laid out the same, it is black with a chrome tree and the screen and the keyboard is arranged in the same way. But there is one important difference that is about getting everything on the market.

One of the reasons why this will soon be included in the list of favorite smartphones for many is that when it's launched like BlackBerry, the design is slightly smaller and narrower. Who cares about it? Every woman on earth. Women who represent a big slice of the smartphone's demographic system have smaller hands, men and Replenish designs are ideal for small hands. The QWERTY keyboard is perfectly large for fast typing. Forget the touch screen, either make one finger fishing and peck with them or drop around the frame stand – QWERTY smartphone will always be a sign of a serious user.


What will also surprise many people? For all the chances of Blackberry RIM, Replenish is running Android Gingerbread and, as Gingerbread is, ice cream will soon follow. This suddenly pushes Replenish into the front panel of the top smartphones of 2012. It also has an incredibly good 2 megapixel rear camera and a decent processor and monitor.

Steering wheel controls are arranged in intuitive and sensible patterns so they do not surprise you while you are using the phone and all this operates over a Boost Mobile system that uses the Sprint network. This is a smartphone entrance and there is a lot that it can not do, but for that it is perfect.

Best of All

A big gold star goes into the recovery column and adds to its ranking of being the best keyboard smartphone 2012 due to its use of recycled material. This smartphone is considered "environmentally friendly". It is becoming more and more important for consumers and especially female demographic. Between this emphasis and careful handling of size and weight, it is fair to say that this is the first smartphone designed for women.

Source by Cuong Quoc Ha

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