What is the best phone for kids and teenagers – Apple iPhone or Blackberry?

People these days are getting a quick start on the cell phone's earlier era. Especially smart phones. These are the mobile phones between Apple iPhone and Blackberry wherever I go. Although the question is which one is best for your child or teenager?

Blackberry was originally designed for business phones, especially for adults. With Blackberry, you can easily receive emails, texts, and internet access. In addition, the brick breaker. Thanks to these features, most Blackberry Curve models have a full-featured keyboard as one of their models includes Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry Pearl Flip with a half keypad, with approximately two letters per key.

Although the Blackberry Pearl keyboard does not have a feature where it tries to predict what it will write and work effectively, and it is most helpful for faster typing on a smaller size phone. The Blackberry also includes a camera with a very nice zoom option. With these Blackberry there is a touch screen called the Blackberry Storm, which is difficult to move and does not have a slider keyboard with just a thin touch screen.

Apple iPhone was originally made from Apple iPod Touch. If you know what the Apple iPod Touch is like, you need to know that the Apple iPhone is the same thing, just basically adding a phone, camera and 3G AT & T network, making internet access from anywhere AT & T mobile phone service. This phone has thousands of applications to use and download your phone. Many of these applications are freely downloadable with some tools that cost about one or two dollars.

Even the Sims 3 can be downloaded to the iPhone. With these applications, you can launch a very fast Safari Internet browser, Youtube, and more. As it absorbs this phone it looks like it attracts kids and teenagers a lot of games, but the Apple iPhone also connects to adults and business people. The reason for this is that Apple Store games include Google Earth, Microsoft Word, and more. Ideally Apple iPhone is a very easy to reach phone. You do everything you want as you like. The only downside to having a camera is the fact that there is no zoom option.

Apple recently came up with a new model, called the iPhone 3G S. Which is really the same base, unless it has some additional features like Voice Control, Video, Search, and a few more. One of the few poorly designed backlights of the spectacular phone is the fact that it has to use a touch screen keyboard on the phone but is surprisingly easy to write. Everywhere on the Apple iPhone 3G S you can rotate the keyboard side to a good long touch screen keyboard. As far as the Apple iPhone is concerned, you can only use the keyboard in a few places. Indeed, although one of the best features is that the phone, computer and ipod can all go in one place.

She said everything Apple iPhone won the whole kids and teenagers who vote for gaming, music and the Internet. Although Blackberry seems to attract more businessmen, mainly due to the strictly no gaming phone that is based on the core business needs of the business. Including that Apple's iPhone is more than just a phone where Blackberry is trying to focus on businesses.

Source by Regan Lee

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