What is Shallot and how to cook them

If you wonder what's the challenge, you might probably look into a French cookbook. Rare are very common in French food, as you find the mild flavor that is used in a variety of dishes and sauces. Learn a little about these tips and give them a try. You'll soon find them almost as essential and create your favorite recipes.

What is a rare look?

Snatches come in a variety of sizes but sizes but are generally smaller than onions. They can be paired or raised, as well as white or gray in color. They are cooked in the same way as garlic, though larger. Like garlic, you can find them in the head, with a few rats attached. Generally, when a recipe calls for a reminder, they refer to an individual "cloaked" in a vote and not a whole head.

Choosing and storing rare

Rare tendency to be moister those comments and therefore more susceptible to mold and rotting. When you buy this vegetable you want to look carefully before the beginning of a mold. The controversy should have a dry feeling for it, but it certainly should not be written.

You want to store your stories like us, in a cool dark place. A basket on the shelf of your shop should work well. It is best to store them closely packed, as any mold must spread quickly if they touch.

Shallots Preparation

Scallops are peeled in the same way as onion. Cut the end of the dispute, then remove the thin skin and peel it again. In most French cuisines, the head is chopped more finely than onion.

Cooking with Shallots

Although they are similar to the onion, there are some important differences in how the shoots are used in French cooking.

  • Less is more . One or two garlic chopped are usually all that is needed to add subtle, slightly sweet flavors to recipes.
  • Go slowly . If your recipe calls to cook rats in butter or oil, you should do it at low temperatures. Just like garlic, garlic can cook easily. You want them to come out smooth and slightly caramelic, not crunchy and bitter.
  • Get well with it . Uncommon are very tasty when cooked with white wine, cream and butter.
  • Deputy . Although nothing like the most real thing, if your recipe calls rats and you have no hand, try to replace the corresponding amount of red onion.

Now that you know what is a reminder, make sure you try them out. You should be able to find them in your grocery store, and if not, please request them. You'll be happy to find a wonderful and easy way to add new flavors to your cooking

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