What is Ruby?

"Ruby" immediately points to the image of red, semi-precious stones, but here we are not talking about the red ruby ​​that is used in diamond jewelery, but we're talking about Ruby – programming language, like some programming languages ​​like C ++ and java, Ruby is a coding language. Make sure we can get this language in detail

Ruby best illustrates how an object-oriented encryption language works by handling everything as a custom object – in contrast to numbers For example, if there is a strange way to regain stiffness medicines, the program would have been viewed as an object. Ruby – although it is acknowledged that a puristic language for object orientation – does not endanger the flexibility and the user friendship

This language combines the widest variety of things language features such as Lisp, Smalltalk and Perl. Due to the careful selection of services, language is both useful to beginners and mammals. It's pretty simple for newborns and just enough time to be able to do the most experienced users with every device.

As a Ruby encoding language, it is primarily used for word processing applications such as text processing and ad-hoc scripts. Earlier, Perl, another rotating language used by programmers to do the same job. But Ruby made these programs simpler because they simply imported the modules and their work was done.

It's a good idea that Ruby does not have a hard code anymore than other coding languages. This is a clear indication that you can concentrate on your work unsustainably rather than confuse the code. It can also be used for larger software systems than the US Navy. This will lead to cluttering for easier and faster work.

As well as buying relationships, each has the advantage and the drawback, it's just important to look at Ruby's good points and bad points. Positive and negative phenomena will certainly be highlighted in this language as well. Ruby is not a powerful language the biggest disadvantage. And this would not be the ultimate language for those who do not like object-oriented & # 39; mechanism. Moreover, they do not think of good language when they do some raw computer work. Well, the better versions of this language are in progress and are expected to ignore these results.

So Ruby's basics have to be well-prepared. So the next time someone tells you about Ruby is not just about the red stone!

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