What is personal development?

Here is a short overview

Personal development, meaning different things for different people. Finally, personal development is focused on developing or refining your skills, abilities, attitudes and awareness of personal goals. As a category Personal development covers various areas of human activity and you can apply for business and financial growth. You can use social personal development to improve social relationships with family friends or partners, partners, employees.

Personal Development in the Nutshell

If you want to succeed in your personal life and career, you must become a worthy person in personal development.

Brian Tracy

In order to express personal development in a sentence, you can say that personal development is about defining challenges, finding solutions and integrating the answers or correct actions or behaviors in your daily life or business. Personal development is about making an effective change in self or business approaches to deal with the environment better.

"Believe that you have basic kindness, which is the foundation of the greatness that you can absolutely accomplish." Les Brown

Valuable Factors
Many of the valuable aspects of personal mentality of mental migrants, individuals were identified as potentially focused on developing better social and environmental communication, achieving self-esteem, such as behavioral or overcoming constraints, perseverance, inquisitiveness , learning and self-esteem at this stage common themes. Personal development may include such topics as personal skills and communication, leadership development, etc.

In general, personal development of culture is progressive attitude, learning / learning and applying appropriate formulas or principles for success, whether business or individual. Much of the study on the development of the individual is to investigate people who have had significant growth, personally or in business.

Success understands clues.
Early founders of modern forms of personal development have researched and recorded the process of performance and performance. They have made significant progress in describing the personal success of science. Napoleon Hill is probably the forefront of modern personal development. He laid the foundation for our current generation of scientists, experts and coaches, such as the superstar Anthony Robbins

The following are some common themes in personal development
Development or Renewal
Reflects Hope / Realizing Dreams
Behavioral Change
Increase your self-esteem
Increase your lifestyle or quality of life
Increase your workforce
Identify and invest
Finance development
Strength or talent development
Development of empathy
] Personal and professional skills – Training or methods to achieve
One-life management
Increasing self-knowledge
Personal development development plans
Increasing awareness or cleansing of the chosen lifestyle
Development Purpose
Improving understanding or understanding Human Respect
Development Objective

Personal Development Development
Personal Development Development
Employment Development
Employment Development
Development Skills
Integrity Development
Development of individual skills
Becoming more caring
How to learn from experience
Time management
Mature developmental network

Improving the quality of life style (in the fields of health, wealth, culture,
] fami
Educational Methods or Methods to Achieve Wisdom
Educational Methods or Methods to Increase Knowledge
Developmental Abilities
Achieving Independence and Mutuality
Managing Emotion
Seminars or Methods to achieve wisdom
Martial Arts
The Altruistic Factors of Personal Development
Some of the more altruistic aspects of personal development are in touch with some of the world of spiritual tradition. A good example is: The Eightfold Path of Buddhism, which focuses on talent development, such as:

Right View
Right Purpose
Right Case
Right Action
Right Living
Right Author
Right Author
Right Author ] Right Thinking
Right Focus
View the Equations

Right This may look like open minded, faithful, continuous learning techniques or awareness-raising methods.

Right Purpose This can be simulated by destroying one of the values ​​or efforts to develop mutual communication for the general and more good.

Right intentions form personal development opportunities, which you can look at as enhancing your awareness of your actions and adapting them to greater benefit.

Right speaking, from a personal perspective, this is a communicative ability. Communication technology can also include your internal discussions and positive issues.

Proper action, this can be seen as taking into account personal holy and wisdom.

Right living, this would communicate with a lifestyle where I strengthen the quality of life, career and ethical work, etc.

Correct effort, this would relate to the commitment of
persistent perseverance.

Right Thinking Can Be Similar to Thinking …

… And Finally

Right focusing can be seen clarity, concentration and exercise of thought.

So where do you start? And what does it take?

Define the areas of life you want to work on …

1 Create a View
2 Make Your Plan
3 Your Action Plan

Submit Daily Actions for Changes
Find a System or programs to facilitate your growth, in some cases this may mean reading the content, the books, the blogs, in other cases, this is happening in connection with affiliated clubs or courses etc. The main team is developing an identity that meets your goal / vision.

They are no instant solutions, quick installs or stunning formulas for personal development – personal growth of other awareness of the need for personal growth and desire to grow. Solve these two conditions of fulfillment – awareness of the need for personal growth – and the desire to grow, you will be able to find success with the following tools:

These Tools will make good startups in your chosen area of ​​personal development / growth.

The creative power within us allows us to form what we draw our attention to.

Wallace Delois Wattles

Here are two typical examples of personal development training:
Example One

Self Improvement
First, to realize success in your chosen area of ​​Personal Development / Growth. You need to do two things to invest for some time to identify and define the area you want to develop ie. you want to introduce yourself

Develop a picture of yourself in complete or complete condition / position –

How do you feel?

How do you work?
Develop a new self-image daily
Example two

The following is an extract from Napoleon Hill, think and grow rich. Hill describes six steps needed to develop what he calls the burning desire needed to drive a man to achieve his goals. In this example, the steps make money but with a creative change, this formula can be applied to the target area achieved.

"First, fix your mind exactly the money you want. It's not enough to say," I want a lot of money. "Be sure of the amount. (There is a psychological reason for the definition described in the chapter.) See Book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

Secondly. Decide exactly what you're going to give instead of the money you want . (There is no such reality as "something for anything."

Third. Establish a certain day when you want the money you want.

Fourth. Create a specific plan to execute your desire and start at once whether you are ready or unable to implement this plan.

Fifth. Write a clear and accurate statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, specify the deadline for the purchase, specify what you will give instead of the money and explain clearly the plan where you will collect it.

Sixth. Read your statement in writing twice a day, once the right time ur but you come back at night and once after coming in.

Napoleon Hill 13 success principles are;

Desire, religion, self-concept, specialized knowledge, ideology, organized planning, determination, perseverance, the master, transformation, subconscious mind, brain and sixth rationality.

Think and grow rich in Napoleon Hill Must have work-Think and grow rich is overflowing with precious knowledge.

Everything that the man reaches and everything he fails to achieve is a direct consequence of his own assets. "

Source by Lloyd Christie

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