What is Chinese Herbal Tea Wang Lao Ji Made From?

In China, one of the most popular herbal products is Wang Lao Ji or Wong Lo Cat in Cantonese. Wang Lao Ji is said to be a product that was marketed and sold by Wang Zebang (named Wang Ji) from Heshan, Guangdong Province, in 1828.

Currently sold as herbal remedies, which contain seven different types of Chinese herbal plants: "Water , white sugar, mesona, and hua, bu zha ye (microcos paniculata linn), chrysanthemum flowers, jin yin hua (Lonicera japonica thunb.), prunella vulgaris and licorice (Dan hua does not refer to eggs, but refers to apocynaceae species) .

This is a seven-part series that examines the content of Wang Lao Ji seven herbs on FB Liangcha-Herbal Tea.

One of the major herbs in Wong Lo Kat is Xia Ku Cao, or Prunella vulgaris, known as self- cure, heal-all, the soil of the earth, and is a pharmaceutical form in the genus Prunella. It is a perennial herb found in Europe, Asia and North America, and grows by spreading its roots underground. bleeding but generally from June to August.

For therapeutic purposes, all the plants are collected when the flowers bloom and dry. The leaves and the little flowers are all intended.

Healing everything is both edible and medicinal and can be used in salads, soups and stews. Physiotherapists have all been used in alternative medicine for centuries on almost every continent in the world and for virtually all malaise.

  • Plant constituents: Betulinic acid, D-camphor, delfinidine, hyperoside, manganese, oleanic acid, rosinic acid, rutine, ursolic acid and tannin.
  • Medicinal properties: bactericidal, diuretic, antiseptic, anticonvulsant, antiviral, astringent, carminative, diuretic, styptic and tonic.

It is a clinical analysis that shows that it has bactericidal activity, inhibits the growth of pseudomonas, Bacillus typhi, E. coli, Mycobacterium tuberculi. Therefore, its use as a second drug in and outside as an antibiotic and difficult to cure wounds and diseases.

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