What is CBet in Poker?

You may have heard the term CBet earlier in poker, but you are not sure what exactly it means. CBet is not a poker rule, but a common strategy. Well, CBet means a continuous bet that stops when you bet on the flop after the flop is raised, so the sequel. You simply follow your own bet with another bet. This is usually done by representing a strong hand.

CBetting is one of the most widespread types of betting strategies, because you often do this position and earn more value in the long run by controlling your hand, opponent and pot size. A typical CBet 1/2 – 2/3 size of the pot. CBet has a higher high success rate, especially against an opponent. So let's look at the typical CBet situation.

In the early stages of the 10/20 blind, everyone folded and sat from a middle late position at a single table and goes to decide to open KTos. So you make 60 chips. Everyone, including the small blinds, collapses into the obvious power of your hands, except for the big blind who calls another 40 to make the pot 130 chips. Here comes the flop, which is flush and straight chemistry. Your opponent, who first acts, decides to control himself. Now, because the board has a few draws, he decides to bet 2/3 of the pot, which is about 85 chips, so the pot is now 215. This bet is a stake in a textbook.

Now you can reverse the game and actually start with a bet of 85 instead of checking your opponent. This is not a continuous bet because he was the one who called the bet preflop. It also rejects you making cbet, although you always have the opportunity to make a call or re-raise. With this sit and go race in the early stages and the small bank investment here, I'd probably be driving KT like a call or a bluff.

A C-Bet is a fairly standard game against an opponent, because if he represents his strength before the flop, he can do so after the flop. However, against multiple opponents, Cbet is more risky and more likely to fail. For example, if there were 3 callers on the flop on this flop, there is a fairly thin chance of stopping this pot on the flop, especially if you only accept the king.

Here are some tips for keeping your CBets profitable. Find out what type of player you called the preflop bet. If you want to risk less risk, or if you flop with a huge hand, then CBets will be smaller. Also, make sure you get value from your hand by building the pot in smaller steps against loose aggressive opponents. These are players who are most likely to confirm when you have a strong hand.

To learn more about c-bets, see what other players do, even if you are not in your hand. Taking into account the experience of more experienced poker players, you can get to know the game much better and develop a clear understanding of poker rules.

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