What is a mobile website?

What exactly is a mobile website and why should your business have one? A mobile website basically "shrinks your desktop webpage" down to memory, easier to read website that fits perfectly on smartphone or iPhone. Since you are trying to put as much information as you can to inform your reader, almost the opposite can be said about mobile phones.

You want your mobile web site to be a small version of your desktop. Even though Smartphones have very fast processors, they still do not have the speed and capabilities of the desktop. Thus, your mobile phone needs to be fast and easy to read, yet attractive and informative.

A good mobile site will also have "Call Action" buttons on the front page. These buttons allow the user to perform numerous tasks by pressing the thumbs button. Some of the most popular "Calling Action" buttons are calling me now, Email me now, and set up a command, among many others. This allows the user to call you easily and quickly and / or shoot emails.

Short video is also another option to enable the user. The video can be a presentation for your business and an overview of your business. Or it's a very fun and popular idea to offer a special month and give the user a discount on products or services. Now a good video length is from 1 to 3 minutes. Once again you do not want to slow down your website's loading time with too long a video.

Having a mobile website will also help users find your business when performing local search. Key search results, such as Google, Bing, Yellow Pages and Yahoo love mobile sites. These local search results will almost always give mobile ads higher placement than desktop. For example, Google puts heavily on its algorithm on mobile-site sites. So much so, that Google is actually transforming their own platform from desktop to mobile websites.

Why is Google going to a mobile phone? Because now there are 4.8 billion smartphone users, compared with 1.7 billion desktop users. Of those users looking for local businesses, almost 30% will call or visit the transaction within the first day of performing the search.

There are many more statistics on the importance of the mobile phone for your business, but this article is a general overview of the importance of getting your mobile site now!

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