What is a good first choice for my child?

If you've decided that your child is responsible enough to own a mobile phone and you think it's necessary for him to be alone, you might be wondering what a good first choice for your child.

There are different phone types for children, and the vast majority of these phones are designed with parental controls. It's important that you choose a phone that has parental controls that allows you to monitor your phone's operations and anywhere. After all, though cell phones can be a great safety tool for children, it can also be expensive and children can receive calls from foreigners. Therefore, parent as parent is important to control the child's phone.

The following are mobile phone companies of two children who offer a good first phone call for children:

Firefly – Firefly offers a flyphone and glow phone. Their phones have parental controls, including a PIN-protected phone book that is preset with a parent. In other words, only you can enter the phone numbers that you want your child to access in the phone book. This allows you to restrict incoming and outgoing calls. Firefly phones also have speed dialing for "Mom" and "Dad", as well as button for 911 emergency calls.

Wherifone – Wherifone is the smallest GPS (Global Positioning System) mobile phone in the world and is designed for children. It allows parents to monitor the child's position (location) at any time. It has the "SOS" Emergency Button and also offers a way for parents to control costs with 5 programs that can program the keys.

Most of the features you want to look for when choosing the first phone for your child are:

o Parental Control

o GPS Tracking

o Ability to track phone calls and calls by controlling those numbers which your child has access to in the phone book

o No option to access the Internet

If you ever notice that your child has called or received calls from an unknown number, you can do the reverse phone on the page below and try to remove it on the phone. Find out who owns the number.

Source by Dan Krasky

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