What does it mean when it says you're special! Learn the true and real meaning behind this

To say that you are special is a great experience more, so when the one who said this is the most, you probably think of your husband. There are, however, many different meanings that only one word so become special could mean a hundred different things for different people.

You are special because you are one.
Maybe this man has been dying and now he has found his psychologists in you. The word special means that he has been looking for a woman to spend his time with.

You are special because he is very concerned about you.
Most people say you're special if they fall in love with you. He must express your overwhelming feelings for you, which is why he says this. This is probably raw for all reasons why one would tell you that you are a specific person.

You are his now.
A person who tells you that you are special to him could only mean that he or she owns you or marks you as his own. He says so that you could hold him to him. This is his way of telling the world that you are now a part.

The word special is a complement to the word love.
Sometimes you can be so proud that he will not even tell you how much he loves you. Just so that would not sound like he's serious from twilight, he'd just tell you that now that you're specific to him.

You're special because he appreciates your talents and abilities.
This guy must have been infected with your singing pole or your cooking skills. What is then to prevent him from saying that you are special because you really are? Not too many women might be good at painting, rock climbing or even knitting, so it's natural that he appreciates these things about you.

Suppose you're special is like slowing down his feelings.
This guy is just careful when he says you are special. He does not want you to think he is not interested, but at the same time he does not want you to think he has already committed himself to you. He continued his deep feelings so that he can time to evaluate his feelings for you.

He's just a gentleman.
This man just tries to please you, but you are not really in favor of him. He's just happy with you since you're a woman and so he says the amazing word he could think of.

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