What can we do with an iPhone clearly?

The iPhone has been a huge success and has taken the biggest part in the smartphone market, but what's actually with our iPhone is really obvious. I created the ten most important things about your phone with the call and messaging, so here is

1) Check the comments in the WordPress blog with the wonderful free WordPress app. In my opinion, approving spam, retention, or comments with the app makes life much easier than comments about refusal when you log on to your computer or laptop. Now that I get my e-mails on the iPhone, I say I have a comment pending, I'm going to my WordPress app, I just read the post, then decide my time that I approve or discard the comment.

You can also upload your blog with the application, but publishing all of these apps is not effective enough to use my iPhone instead of placing my laptop in a blog.

If you desperate need a blog post via the iPhone, I would suggest buying a blogger that supports a number of blogging systems, such as WordPress and blogger, with other bonus features such as YouTube YouTube videos was published. I also find that the blogger application provides better image control than the press statement.

2) Shopping … Something I did not think the iPhone would do to me, but the agony of amazon application made me a lot more.

The app is much less confusing and less irritated than the mobile amazon site. If I feel I need something like a larger SD card, I'll arrange it there, and then I think there is no effort at all! I used the eBay application, but not the big fan of eBay to be honest. Other useful applications are barcode scanner applications that will find the cheapest products for you, such as red laser. Another application I used recently, the Tesco store finder, stores not only the cabinet, but can scan the bar codes and the app tells the father and shelf that the product is turned on. Honestly, I guess this is new, not useful, but we'll see.

3) Money transfer. Banking applications, such as Natwest, are quite useful for controlling balance when you set it from home or from home to your feet. Delaying the "creepy transfer" as Barclay's ad makes it very easy and it's great if I remember that today I have to pay my credit card! You can also find the actual Natwest website mobile safari very useful at times when I need to know a bit more information than the app is giving. The only concern is that the security of my account details, if I ever lost my phone, hhmmmm.

4) Social networking, which once again has a huge impact on the whole story, is, in fact, even more popular and mobile by social networks, thanks to iPhone users. I know we've been able to reach Facebook on mobile phones for a long time, but I remember when I had the LG Viewty, it was just boring and painful, but my phone gave me social networks like Facebook and twitter. making mobile social networks easy, smooth and worthwhile.

The main application I use is Twitterrific.

5) It plays most nonsense games and makes it meaningless because I do not like to pay for games so I can end my time getting and chewing free games and then deleting them after a few steps. However, there were some that you like, which is addictive and free. Jailbreaker is a good one, which is a simple slide and skip a two-button game where you need to skip and slide between the boxes and the circular saw. I'm currently trying to run like my friends 3,000 meters and I will not spoil it with a circular saw.

6) Editing photos, some fun and some great effects. Fat Booth must be one of my favorites, which I think is a bargain at 59p. Take photos of your friends and follow them in the app, a great way to put your friends on candy, the more serious editing apps are like Art Blur, Polarize, and MoreLomo. These applications create fairly cool effects, but the truly honest ones are never really used.

7) People's impression with wireless printing. I recently downloaded the HP iprint and it works like a charm. When my HP printer (mine is a Photosmart D5460) is plugged into my laptop, it can print photos from the iPhone directly to the printer. A great idea when a relative arrives gets a photo

8) Live TV. I do this through iPhone. TVCatchUp.com is using mobile safaris, but what you can do, bookmark your website on your home screen, it works like an application. You can stream channels right across the iPhone with only about 15 seconds delay, as shown on the real TV and iPhone.

9) Track and schedule my run and bicycle. I like running and I want to stay alive, but I'm always curious how far I've run and how much time, so I can improve my time and performance. I'm using a RunKeeper named App that uses the built-in GPS to track the track, give me the average speed and keep the runtime. I use the free version as this is enough for me to need the application. I believe that the paid version provides direct access to the iPod, but with the multitasking feature of the os4 update, this is no longer a problem with the free version.

10) Reading RSS feeds. Since I'm an enthusiastic designer, web fan, photographer, filmmaker blah blah blah I like to show interest in what is happening in the world in interesting areas. I found that I'm up to date with the iPhones RSS reader and you can read many new blogs that allow me to read new posts from websites that you're interested in. I know that I was able to do this because I work on a computer, but I use a computer for my work, and when I work, I do not have time to read blogs, etc., and by the time I finished work, I want to get as far away from the computer as possible! The iPhone today allows me to catch up with my RSS feeds when I get an onboard moment, for example, when I wait or wait for a bus or something.

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