What are OFNP, OFNR, OFNG and OFCG? Understanding Fiber Optic Cable Fire Ratings

NEC (NEC) requires internal fiber optic drives to be marked with fuel and smoke. NEC requires that all internal streams are correct and properly positioned for intended use.

According to NEC, construction sites are divided into three types of sections: plenums, risers and general limits.

:: What is a planet area?

Plenum area is a construction site used for airflow or air distribution systems. In most buildings, the area above the roof or under floor is used as airflow (airflow) for the air conditioning. They fall ceiling and raised floors are also where fiber cables are often installed. If these cables were burning, they would emit toxic steam and the vapors would be fed to the rest of the air. As a result, people may be injured even if they are far from the fire.

:: What is a Riser area?

Riser area is a floor opening, shaft or channel that runs vertically through one or more floors

:: What is a general area of ​​access?

Any other area that is not a planet or riser and at the same height is a general area.

:: Lighting Devices for Fuel and Smoke Signs

OFNP Cables:

OFNP stands for fiber optic derivatives. OFNP cables have flammability and low production capacity for smoke. They can be installed in channels, plenums, and other spaces used to build airflow. This is the highest fuel line and no other cable types can be used as a substitute.

OFCP Cables:

OFCP stands for leading space for fiber optic cables. OFCP cables have the same fire and smoke rating as OFNP cables, but they have a leading armor or a central strength that is usually steel. OFCP cables must be the right ground in both ends. Therefore, OFCP cables can not be installed in the same cable box or channel as power cables.

OFNR Cables:

OFNR stands for fiber optic fiber optic cable. OFNR cables are used in a riser area that is based on vertical jogging or passing from one floor to another floor. You can not install OFNR cables in the plenum area as they do not require the necessary fire and smoke certificates, such as Plenum cables. OFNP plenum cables can be used as substitutes for OFNR cables.

OFCR Cables:

OFCR stands for a leading conductive fiber optic cable. OFCR cables have the same characteristics of fuel as OFNR cables, but they have a conductor or main reinforcer that is usually steel. OFCR cables should also be properly grounded in both ends. OFCP cables can be used as substitutes for OFCR cables. OFCR cables can not be installed in the same cabling or pipeline as power cables.

OFNG Cables:

OFNG stands for Non-conductive General Optic Fiber Optical Fiber. They are usually used in horizontal cabins, single floors. OFNG cables can not be used in plenum or risers. OFNP and OFNR cables can both be used as substitutes for OFNG cables.

OFCG Cables:

OFCG stands for a leading optical conductor. They have the same characteristics of fuel and OFNG cable, but they have an armored conductor or a central component that is usually steel. OFCG cables must be the right ground at both ends. They should not be installed in the same cable box or channels as power cords.

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