Well, come back meet did not go as planned but I'm still very grateful for even …

Well, come back meet did not go as planned but I'm still very grateful for even being able to compete. Doing it painless is the key. I was in a terrible pain to meet having to take many painkillers to get through the meeting and even do daily activities. To those who have had a serious back injury and were told you have not believed BS! Keep on going and find someone who can help you! I was told of three athletes that I was 100% successful in my breathing process and I will never finish or kill you! They said I needed an immediate action. I'm so glad I found the right chiropractor and doctors to fix me and get me back to the game. Dr Cristian Oberheide was totally opposed to action back for me. He put me in contact with the massage therapist and together I helped myself get full recovery from breaking my L1 breach, herniated disk L1-2 and other disk herniation on my L5-S1, along with bow discs on the T11- 12 and L4-5. Please take this video and share it, do not lose hope! Thank you for my support, Redcon 1, to believe in me in all this process and provide me with fuel that I need to perform at best!
▪ I would like to thank WT Franklin for hosting this wonderful meeting and giving me the privilege to attend. The meeting ran very smoothly. The spit and judge were both spot on. Before next UPA meets this summer, I will definitely compete! Danny Walker, you're better off being a ready man or I'm going out for you! 😁

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28 Replies to “Well, come back meet did not go as planned but I'm still very grateful for even …”

  1. I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to my dad for helping me during my meet prep. Even after working long 12+ hour days he would ride with me to the gym to help me. You have no idea how much that means to me and how thankful I am.
    Thank you to my MOM for adopting me and loving me and giving me a booty like hers to squat with. #Igetitfrommymama I love you mom!
    Another big thank you to my brother. While he’s been in Australia, he’s also been helping coach me and dialing me in.
    Thank you to Chris Hickson for helping me during my training and driving out to help me at the meet. Means a lot to me big guy!
    Thank you to Sergio Luna/ Jackie Rodriguez for providing a local, top notch facility to train in. Anyone in the area looking for a great place to lift, check out Surge to New Levels!
    Thank you to Dr. Jason Brame, D.C. and Dr. Sean McDonald, M.D. for the multiple prp injections throughout the years.
    Thank you to Stephenson Family chiropractic.
    Dr.Scott is the best chiropractor I have ever had work on me! Truly wish he lived closer to me.
    Thank Dr. Dre for the sick beats to lift too!

    Thank you to my doctors, massage specialists and everyone who believed in me, including my family and friends.
    Thank you to Speedinc for building me a bad ass 1000hp ZR1 for me to have some fun and take my mind off my Injury’s. Definitely help keep me sane.
    Info on all my Doctors. Please seek them if you need help tell them I sent you!
    Wellness First ( chiropractor )
    ChristianOberheide Dc
    283377 Davis pkwy, ste 605
    Warrenville, IL 60555

    Jorge cabrera (massage specialist )

    IMAC Regeneration Center (prp and chiropractic)
    2725 James Sanders Blvd,
    Paducah, Ky 42001

    Stephenson Family chiropractic
    2830 Lone Oak Rd.
    Paducah, Kentucky 42003

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