Web Design Strategy for 2017

Website development has always continued to change according to user, SEO and coding information. 2016 has been great for web design with people trying to come up with unique ideas. Here we run some promising trends that we predict for the coming years:

  • Visual appeal with flat design

Flat design has gained popularity in 2016 and will be even more popular in 2017. In residential design, the chapters are clean aside from each other, making the website easy to communicate with. A clean look that has been used by users visually becomes a major focus. Simplicity will be the key to making the website visually appealing.

  • Responsible Design everywhere

Knowing the benefits of responsive websites, developers have taken this change more from the past 2 years. There are hardly any websites that will not be receptive. The design method will always have a mobile phone in mind. Circular patterns will be created so they are not very difficult to align in receptive images. User list will be the main focus on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

  • Video Tags

I'm personally not a fan of automated videos on web pages but the video background is gaining popularity from a few months. Having a video slide along with slide image is a versatile marketing strategy that will rise in 2017. Users like the idea of ​​watching the video immediately for information about the company.

  • Reduced use of stock image

It's a great time to change the same old idea of ​​filling stock photos on the page. Some images are so common that they appear on many other web sites as well. Customers want to be more picky about having unique images for their brands. People are tired of seeing typical screwed image files, so original custom images are welcome.

  • Bold typography and color

We have seen rich colors that are very angry in 2016, which is a good stereotype fragments from typical web sites. The policy has finally changed. Brands will try to see individual and clearly show who they are. We will have a more bold choice of typography too. The typography must make statements clear and sharper. We will see a big hero picture with beautiful big fonts with nice animation and song in the text.

  • Less full parallax websites

We have seen a lot of parallax website in the past 2-3 years. This policy is going to disappear because of its side effects on SEO. Parallax websites are usually long websites that do not create URLs specifically for internal pages and are therefore not spared by search engines. Also, the use of heavy-duty script reduces the speed of your website and mobile viewing is not so good either. Parallax is not going anywhere. Rather, it will be used smartly for certain parts of the website for the wonderful Visual Treat.

With the above development, 2017 seems to be a great year ahead for interesting ideas on the website to market. Creative thinkers are more likely to experiment more and build new looking websites.

Source by Cris Styris

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