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Smartphones on the internet have been out on the market for a long time and offered by large enough equipment manufacturers, which could be a good way to assess the status of the browser for endless smartphone games. Especially since now, when a lot of exciting announcements have been made by manufacturers of this software, we trust to get an online browser.

Anything that claims to summarize the current browser status on the smartphone must start with the Opera Mini, as it is by far the best web site that the mobile phone market has still produced. Yes, better than Apple Safari, better than BlackBerry Browser. And certainly better than Windows & # 39; troubled IE.

And now Opera has announced that beta will start on the next Opera Mini update, Opera Mobile 9.5. Once again the best is to get better, which is as it should be.

It was also recently announced that the upcoming smartphone is one of the most popular web browsers on the desktop and laptop market for both Windows and Apple users – Mozilla Firefox. This Linux-based browser has been eagerly awaiting its dedicated fans, as smartphones first started online. And now their … our request is answered.

The beginning of Skyfire Labs is also planning to turn off a smartphone browser sometime soon, but what we can expect is someone to guess. The skyfire browser will be what is called a "thin client" browser, which means it runs with limited resources, mostly running with the help of Mozilla servers and Firefox desktop browsers. Both Firefox and Skyfire mobile phone launchers will be released as expected in beta format.

The personal favorite page, the statistics refers to the Apple browser / iPhone browser as a leading champion among US smartphone users (this according to StatCounter) and number two globally. A few surfing around the world, interesting enough, has not been mentioned in this piece yet – that's Nokia. (And thinking all the time, though they were just the best smartphones to make a real call.)

Great improvement that any web browser has either implemented or will be wise at what time now is the integration desktop interface upon delivery mobile format. Now, users browsing the web on their handheld computers are browsing the full screen size of the entire webpage (minus views down course) as they would on desktop or laptop. Then to read a certain section of the page, they just bring a sort of magnifying glass over the object with the cursor and zoom in.

In the past, users could only view websites that are enhanced in a messy, clumsy one column that looks like nothing like the websites they know. This made navigation next to impossible, even if you already knew about the installation of the website (as it seems on a full computer). Thank you for your progress.

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