Ways to Improve iPhone Battery Life on Any Generation iPhone Device

Have you noticed that the battery of your iPhone will take shorter and shorter lives every day? What you do not know is that the lithium-ion battery on the 3G and 3GS iPhone keeps battery life under 250-300 full charge. The battery life then shows an asymptotic decrease. This article extends battery life and low battery life.

There are many ways to make the iPhone battery unknowingly compromised by your user. The most important of these is when you leave the phone, the screen side up, the sun or the heat. If you leave the iPhone in the heat, it will make the battery and its ion effect intense heat. This heat breaks down the dam and defines the battery capacity to maintain charge.

The following preventive action is to ensure that all chargers used in your phone are in accordance with Apple's charging recommendations. If your iPhone is "fast filled up", cellular barriers will once again lead to higher temperature and voltage than the battery manufacturer recommends. This, in turn, reduces the battery life. Products that are known to reduce iPhone battery life, car chargers and "quick" wall chargers.

Lastly, the most important factor in increasing the long-term battery life is probably to reduce the phone charge. Although the lithium-ion battery presumably eliminates "charging memory", it still has a limited number of maximum charges. After reaching this number, the battery loses its life.

If you encounter a defective iPhone screen or a reduced charge, the best option is to contact a repair company about repair needs. Battery repair is likely to run anywhere from $ 40-60. Apple is likely to pay $ 100 for a similar fix. The iPhone battery is essential to make the device as awesome and useful as it is; and the worst feeling is that you have a valuable asset, this is no more than a paperweight due to the low pay phone.

Source by Jeremy Bates

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