Water is hurting iPhone repair

So you lowered your brand new iPhone (3G (S) / 4) on the toilet, swim for a vacation, or let the spinot enjoy the washing machine. I can tell you how to feel when you know the experienced water damage of iPhone. Shock, disbelief, and sadness, considering the amount you need to break off to replace your favorite mobile phone because you think it has been damaged without repair. The first thing I did was check on the Internet and try out all the information I found on the subject. Below I'll show you the best way to get iPhone water damage.

Determine the iPhone's Water Damage
The water damage to iPhone really depends on how long and how long it was in the water. When it falls into the water and quickly pulls it out, it will still be in most cases. If so, switch it off immediately with the power / sleep button. If you get stuck on the white cardan shaft when you turn off, keep the home button pressed for a few seconds by pressing the power / sleep button and turning it off. However, when iPhone has been in the water for a long time, it stops. Whatever you do (and I know it's tempting), do not turn on the iPhone.

Remove the SIM card and perform the initial iPhone drying
Insert the SIM card cover with a paper clip or a device with your iPhone and let it dry with the SIM card. Then, take a towel and wipe your iPhone as much as possible. Then gently shake the large drops of water out of the appliance. If there is a blower, turn on low heat (important) and dry the simcard opening, headphone jack and dock at the bottom for about fifteen minutes. Do not turn on the iPhone yet!

The Trick of the iPhone Rice
Your iPhone will have plenty of moisture, the washing machine can not handle it. This method requires patience and discipline, but it is essential to restore 90% of the iPhone. Take some raw rice (brown or white) or some silica gel packets (usually found in newly purchased purses or bags) and place it on an iPhone at an aerodrome location, such as a ziplock bag. Always keep it in a warm place and leave it for several weeks for a few weeks (depending on the amount of water that iPhone is absorbing). Rice (or Silica packs) absorbs the remaining water from your iPhone.

iPhone Restore
If your iPhone has been long since, take it out of the container or ziplock bag and plug it into a wall outlet. Depending on the status of the iPhone, a low battery icon is displayed (the preferred position) that connects to iTunes & # 39; logo, which means that the iPhone must be reset or nothing. If the screen does not appear, do not let the iPhone go for a few days in the rice. If this is still not a solution, you may decide to disassemble the iPhone for further drying and rubbing inside parts.

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