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Mobile phones at the moment have definitely evolved beyond the basic device for calls or messages. Today, apparent phones appear to be the next generation in mobile communications. With tons of additional features, including connectivity, multimedia enjoyment, and more, smart phones are essential for busy individuals. And among the most famous smartphones and PDA manufacturers in the world, none other than Palm, Inc.

. Started in 1992 in Sunnyvale California, Palm Computing, Inc. came up with its first PDA called Zoomer. The founder of the company was Jeff Hawkins, who along with other designers intended to make the PDA more user-friendly. After years later, Palm appeared as one of the government in the field of PDA and smartphones. In early 2009, Palm was expected to hope its fans by launching its latest release in Palm Pre, which aims to beat what seems unbeatable Apple iPhone.

What is Palm Pre? This up and coming four-ounce gadget has a 3.1-inch touch screen, and its slides up to show the QWERTY keypad. The operating system for Palm Pre is Linux based Palmweb OS, and this smart phone now has CDMA, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Later, Palm plans to release 3G version. Apart from generous 8 GB memory, Palm Pre also has a 3 megapixel digital camera equipped with LED flash.

In terms of Palm Pre's inner features, it certainly does not disappoint. According to the product catalog at Palm, Inc. website allows Palm Pre multitasking so you can open multiple windows and applications at the same time. There are also comprehensive search options, so Palm Pre can help you look easy with your contacts, messages, Wikipedia, and even Google.

To facilitate organizing things, Palm Pre can also link your calendars and show them as a single plan, thanks to Palm Synergy technology. This includes a calendar that you set on your smartphone, your Facebook profile, and even Google calendars. In addition to the handy features, Palm Pre also has integrated messaging, supports various audio, video and image formats, as well as a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System).

In the US, Palm Pre is expected to be on the market in the first half of 2009. Collect a few awards after its debut in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, including Best in Smart Phone and Cell Phones, Palm Pre will be distributed only by Sprint Nextel online in the United States.

As of Q1 2009, Vodafone has expressed its interest in negotiations with Palm on the release of Palm Pre in the UK. Before British fans will know, Vodafone will soon have exclusive rights to sell Pre to its subscribers in the UK for the first three months after the model begins. According to a report from Softpedia, Vodafone also plans to distribute Palm Pre exclusively among its customers in Spain and Germany in mid 2009.

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