Washing your mobile phone in the washing machine

Is there anyone who has washed his cell phone?

Does it sound strange? This happened in my house. I thought it was funny. So here I let the world know.

In April 2007, I bought a Sony Ericsson k310i for my daughter on her 10th birthday. He was very pleased to have a mobile phone. He was also fit in small hands. Everyone in the family was happy except grandparents. In their opinion, too young to be a mobile phone.

As in the IT field, I always think that you never teach children too early with all the tools available on the market. My son got his first computer when he was 3 years old. He's in stage 5 now and he knows computers well.

I just bought Sony Ericsson for my daughter. He's really interested in getting things done. Everything was okay this January 2nd.

On January 2, we had a BBQ party relatives and returned home late afternoon. I slept while writing something in the night. The next day I wanted to go shopping, and my daughter used to join me. He really enjoys the CBR 250. At this moment he began to search for his cell phone to bring him with you. He did not find his cell phone anywhere in the house. He tried to draw the ground line and did not answer. She was scared to lose her.

Then I began to help him remembering the events of the previous day. He only remembered leaving the cell in his jeans, which he wore the last day. She ran into her room to check it out.

Coming to mom, she said that Jeans have the washing and washing done already. But he did not find the phone in his jeans. At this point, she ran to the washing machine and started pulling out the clothes. He found the jeans he had in the past in his pocket.

Mom comes with her eyes again and told us that the jeans do not feel the cell phone in his pocket while putting the jeans in the washer.

Take a look. . . that was my answer. What else could I have done?

Do I congratulate Sony for making a phone that she can not feel in the 10-year-old puppy's jeans or is it bad for her mother and daughter irresponsibly? You have to bear the cost in any way for another phone because I do not want to break the heart of my 10-year-old daughter.

Mobile did not look bad at all. My daughter asked for help on removing the front cover and she started to dry the phone. He also took the battery, SIM, etc., and it was well dry.

After reinstalling, nothing came up. No Signal, No Display Nothing Happened. Connected to the charger. . . the case is the same.

Take your mobile phone to your Sony dealer, Liquid damage said the rep. Battery and phone have liquid damage indicators. So there was no need for a technical expert to find out. I asked for an offer to fix it!

It's the funniest part. . .

I got the summons today. The SLR 11 and 350 will be repaired. Do you know how many new Sony Ericsson K310i prices? SLR 10 490. This SLR 860 improves on the phone as a new one!

Why are not Sony service centers informed that they can not fix the phone? Now I have to pay for the SLR 500 to collect the phone that can not be used. Not funny?

Source by Sathees Navaratnam

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