VLC Media Player Returns to the App Store!

After two years of absence, the VLC media player returned to iOS on July 19, 2013. For lovers of VideoLAN player like me, it's a huge relief for the app again on my iOS device. The question I kept in mind when waiting for my favorite media player was what else was in the app? Maybe because he stayed on the market so long, did the development of the new app become a bit rusty?

I'm not worried anymore about my big expectations for using the new VLC media player, not just because; they were blown! Compared to similar applications like Azul, Flex Player and Good Player, iOS's VLC is smoother and more stable than ever. Performance and ease of use are noteworthy for an application that is so useful and yet completely free. Creating an application that does not convert media files to iPhone is not an easy task for programmers and application developers. In the media player, the quest for perfection clearly appears in applications such as Good Player, which contains many unresolved bugs and crash reports that will survive after even more upgrades. Simply download the Good Player app and you will understand the relief I am free of a terrible application that is so much spent so little.

After I was relieved; What are new features for re-publishing the VLC media player? Here's a short list of my favorites:

  • Users can easily copy any format of video files to your app using iTunes, WiFi Upload, and Dropbox.
  • Changes subtitle text encoding settings in multiple languages, including Russian and Spanish.
  • Existing features such as being able to easily download videos from a web server or open a network stream have become easy.

Overall, the entire VLC media player iOS app is in a very good shape for something that has returned to the market while it is in the underground mode for so long. The user interface is simple and easy; just as users like. Good reviews and high download rates can be expected in app applets around the VLC player. Personally, I gave the application store a five-star rating, and I'm delighted to contribute to the VideoLan development team in all its toughest qualities.

Source by Vic A Khiz

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