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For years, Mac users have been activated without anti-virus software. From now on, it is increasingly said that Macs receive viruses. Do we have to worry? The answer is unfortunately yes. While Mac OS is still far more protected from attacks than Windows, Apple has just started sounding it would be a good idea for Mac users to defend themselves with anti-virus software. "Why now?" I ask you (and I). Well, the fact that Apple's share of the home computers market has grown dramatically in recent years. Macs are used by well-informed geeks at one time. Now it is a mainstream kit for the discriminating computer user.

This means you should target Macs on a very thorough level, because more people are used by more people. What discovered in 2006 was the first Mac OS virus. The "Instant Messages" known as "OSX / Leap-A" have been hidden. This has really shaken the Mac community. In addition, for years Macs have been targeted by so-called "malicious programs" (including spyware). Before you can, however, keep in mind the basic terminology so you can know what different "antivirus packages" are for protecting your Mac: Spyware is malicious. It's about collecting information about computer users, whether it's financial information, casual passwords, or other sensitive information.

Trojans are a non-replicating malicious code that does not infect other files. Generally, it provides access to the system through the "back door". Key-loggers, which are key strokees for stealing passwords, and so on. They are often called Trojans.

Viruses infect other files with their code attached to that file and often cause damage. Although the infected computer may have symptoms, some viruses are kept secret. You can choose from many Mac antivirus and other Internet security features. But this is a big step for most Mac users, so I'm interested to know more about this. There are a number of useful sites including Virus Protection for Macs .

Finally, we need to look into possible risks to the cost of purchasing software. You should also take into account the effect of the software on your system: Does the software slow down more than a virus? Obviously, this is a little "tongue of the face", but some of the products of Windows in the past is almost the case. The new kind of virus software on Mac OS does not belong to this category and seems useful. They definitely have their place and will do more and more – the threat level is increasing. Good luck.

Source by Mike Paterson

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