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 Viral Marketing - Contest Burner Online Contest Software

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"We do not hope that anything would happen. Over 51,000 pages were indexed on Google just from the race." Many news releases were nuts and more sales, but that's obviously the best. "Very fun!

" .. . Your contest blew me away and it has definitely changed Mobile Monopoly to a virus that we do not have to plan after starting ... "

" Thank you very much for making a contest burner and making it as cool as you did. Without a competitor, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today and there's no way I could be in Costa Rica now.

"... And there's no way I'd start another page without a contest Burner beside me because it's the easiest source of free traffic for me. It just grows a virus, it's easiest!"

" I recently launched a bookshop and used the Bill Mcintosh Contest Burner software to launch my book completely new and I'm very excited about it. It went so well!

"I found out Bill's software and was immediately excited about it! So I got the product, set it up in a few minutes, set it up and held it up and drove for a very short time. I used it to start this competition in connection with the marketing of the product. There were thousands of people who had never heard of my book. "

" Using this software, I could create over 200 additional ways just by using this virus application. And it did not take me anymore work or some time to do it. I put this little script into my blog and I have 200 extra ways in a very short time. And there is free traffic. I did not have to pay for it.

"I strongly recommend that if you want to get viral traffic and build your list bigger and earn more, I recommend getting a competitor because it's a very cool piece of software and nobody else has this. the only place you can find it. "

" Within 3 short weeks, I left the ranking of 300,000 and 97,000 in Alexa. On my way, I built a beautiful little list of over 1,000 people who was truly amazing! I saw success like I have never seen before.

"And this was a very cool part because my website was a virus. It went into places I did not even know it existed. So this is a very powerful software and I recommend to anyone. Thank you very much for getting this up to me! "

" We used it personally in a launch we had recently performed. And we made 7 launches, over a million dollars. And I owe it a lot to the Burner competition because of it that helped us build a buzz with Facebook, creating 600 YouTube videos of 600 different people. Based on Twitter buzz, it was based on Buzz commentary. We ended up with over 3,500 comments and it creates social proof that will help sell your product. "

" I could increase my subscribers about 10x to the extent that my blog now, with any place set out there, I get 20-3 0 comments, so it has become quite popular for competition burners.

"Secondly, we have used it in a big launch product called Epic Traf fic Systems. Interestingly, we received over 18,000 comments due to the virus nature of the launch together with the contest burner. It was an amazing success! ... Contest Burner has worked very well and I recommend you choose it. "

" At least 3,000 of those who joined this site before launching were directly triggered by contest winner Bills! This is awesome! And I mean I was using it when it was in beta. He has even added lots of more things from suggestions. This is just amazing.

"I can not say enough about it. I've used it. It works. It's added a ton of revenue to my bottom line and it's a very fun way to attract people to your website." just making it a virus ... "

" I recently used my Contest Burner tool and I have to say that this is a great viral tool that is great for driving targeted traffic. I gained almost 3,000 extra visitors a week just from using this tool and I'm confident I added over a thousand new subscribers to my list just using Contest Burner. So if you are reading this page now, go to the order button and get it. is very important. "

" A few years ago we developed software that created a virus report construction and we thought we had it figured back, but when I saw Contest Burner I was blown away!

"I would highly recommend this to anyone who is doing any launch, any perpetual launch, any membership area, no, you are going to want a steady stream of traffic coming in and you can theoretically run competitions forward and totally offset the cost of what reward you use with increased traffic. It's actually gone viral and I just want to thank you for all the help you gave us. "

Imagine raising up to 2,600 new subscribers. .. 1,800 new links to your site ... 12 new YouTube videos promoting your product ... 3 new press releases that promote your product ... 220 new Facebook posts about you and 14 new articles submitted ... (All introduce the product Yours!)

Yes, this is exactly why everyone is so excited about "competition burners" --- even newcomers!

Indeed ... what if I told you this is already happening all around you, and many other markets are already using this program with great success?!? Many people are already fans of this product ... and of course, most of the top market players have dizzyed all "competition burners"!

And it's a mountain proof when ... (case studies from Wazoo) ... and a lot of experts are jumping on a "contest burner" and ask to use it now!

Look - the proof is in pudding and this is a guaranteed slam dunk for you! Serious.

For reasons you will understand in a minute, this might well be the golden key to burst your list, traffic and revenue for much less money than before!

What if you could get a "Contest Burner" and drive traffic flood your site almost overnight? You are going to see exactly how to do it, keep reading ...

If you're having trouble creating traffic ... or subscribers ... or getting a social networking, you should read the entire line and every word on this page because these problems could be clicked!

I'm not here to write, it's not my style, but it's important that you understand the person behind this product. For the last 14 years, I have been mostly behind the scenes (underground) to do my own thing.

I've been able to create more than 20 million dollars online and I've built many listings with over 1,000,000 (million) people on them. I'm sure I'm qualified to talk about artistic and "Power" responsive list can provide you!

"Necessary is necessary" - That's what I tell people. I would say, "any way, build list now!" It is so important!

However, for most people out there, this list is ELUSIVE and hard to get. The list hides from them, it's hard to create, where do you start? what's the first chicken or egg How do you get traffic without investing fate in paid traffic? How do you get people to promote if you do not have a list now?

You know this. You've gone through this. You understand how difficult it has been to get a list started, much less build a big enough list to make financial money on your bank account, right?

OG ... when you have a list, how do you subscribe?

Most every market knows (they have been told millions of times) they need to build a list. However, the clock ticks off and the weeks turn into months and months turn to years and yet there is no list!

Because you see the average market out there is impossible to do it for any unrelated events scheduled ... impossible to build hundreds of key links ... hard to pay for traffic ... and the list of challenges goes over and over again!

Well, I'm here to tell you there's a new way to build this list (and much more!) Completely using "Contest Burner"!

With a competitor burner, your visitors will "happily" spread the word about your site across the internet. They participate in your message ... and become fan fans!

In fact, they will tell everyone how much you or your product is and they will hire people (affect them) to visit your site!

When you "encourage" these features ... by awarding prizes ... it will instantly turn passive browsers into ACTIVE PROMOTERS on your site! It's already proven ... your visitors will:

What makes "Contest Burner" so powerful is simple ... it automatically brings you traffic, action, buzz, brand, list and more! It takes part in the market and it's "rising you" over noise!

By far the number one problem market has traffic. Well, kiss this problem goodbye!

Listen, we've all been there. It does not matter what stage you are now, if you are a serious market and willing to invest in your goals, you already understand how difficult it can be to build a large, receptive list!

Many experts say it's easy. It's not easy. It's hard. Hard like heels.

Well, with "Contest Burner" it's about getting much easier, guaranteed!

Looks, most people fail to build a list for many years. They fail because of the amazing amount of perseverance and stubbornness it takes to learn paid traffic or SEO.

Most people are not going to travel to tons of courses and build countless friends who can introduce them too. It's expensive, time consuming, annoying and tiring to build a list of traditional methods.

The reason why the market reaches a highly receptive list is because they are more than certain ... and they put a lot of skin into the game by investing in traffic, courses, SEO services, assistants and so on.

But believe me, it's nothing wrong with spending the money and time to build your business ... I've done it for 13 or so years myself!

However, it is important to realize, there is an easier way!

We are talking about:

And I know there are things you want a lot more of (Time and money and less time off!)

Therefore, I created "Contest Burner" in the first place - to save me time, money, energy and frustration. See, I'm always looking for automated tools to save time and resources. That's what technology is about.

And when I looked for something like "Contest Burner" out there, nothing was found. I had to create it! I had to put in my own "dream team" programmer to make this happen so I could use it myself!

For years, I've created tools to save me time and money and "Contest Burner" is no different. It was a tool I created to expand my business. However ... I scandalized myself on the results of this program created!

No wonder great fortune 500 companies use competitions! Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds - they use all competitions for a reason!

You see, when you run competitions using this program, you will soon realize that people are much more involved in what you are doing ... much more responsive ... much more active .. . and much more profitable!

Read here what I'll tell you a few times:

The tests show ... open rooms are through the roof! And for good reason ... it's obvious why ... people are a participant and they want to know if they win any prize or what's next!

(Did not look at the small sticker element on the McDonalds Cup to see if you won? Did not you see the Coke Bottle Cap to see what you won?)

It's called "participation" and it works as a charm! It's a beautiful thing and it can mess up your business!

You are heating your artwork and traffic and your entire marketplace ... with your brand ... and your products and services ...

Look - It did not take me long to realize that "tagging" is the best converter there. I mean, if you're tagged in your list or marketplace, you're working on money that's fricken breeze!

It's also wise to ...

There is so much noise out there ... so a lot of ads that blow us ... so many options and directions to go ... so many products and rivals and so much suspicion out there ... those who are brand work!

OG ... those who are brands make a lot of money ... much easier too!

Think about it, we buy from those we know ... Like ... and trust. If you participate in your list or marketplace and warm them up and you and your products are a business cake.

However ... if your list or market does not know you and you just fit into the rest of the noise, do not stand out, do not join it is difficult to convert.

Well, with "Contest Burner" they are viewing your email ... they see your name everywhere ... they are watching your videos ... they are sending you ... they are spread the word about you ... they are mixing you up to you.

Catch this last part? Let me say that again, but much higher because it's so important:

They make it easy to win awards ... and you're shaving it with a smile from ear to ear! You hardly get BRANDED to lift your finger.

How much is this?

Look, something is going on like that ...

Visitors come into your competition to earn points and they do what you want them to do. You could give them 100 points to post your product on Facebook.


I created this program to drive more traffic for your own products and services! I had to make it because nothing was out there.

Then I made some good marketers my friends use this for their presentation. They were blown away!

Almost spread the word to other marketing companies, who ended up coming to me and asked to use "Contest Burner" too. Then the natural next step was to let more of the market in the big secret program everyone say about ...

Now it's possible to use this program for your own success. There is a chance to use this for good and change your financial life for the better. No joke.

Contests have been around generations. Shoot, it's coming back to the Rome Olympics! Even the fate of 500 companies run competitions, and now you can too!

With "Contest Burner" ... you hardly lift your finger.

First, Contest Burner is a patent software that is easily linked with WordPress OR EASY! I know there's music in your ears. I mean, the easier it is to install and use, the better!

Therefore, the dream servers by developers have made this as easy as possible! Anyone can put this kid up and be running in no time an apartment!

Next, I need to tell you how powerful this program is.

That's a lot! It comes with tons of features and capabilities. (more about them per second, keep reading ...)

In a nutshell, with a competitor, you can perform a massive competition. These competitions can get tons of people involved. It's almost unlimited what they want to do to earn a prize or win the race.

You can have military people out there doing all sorts of things that promote your business. For example, you can have ...

With the military people involved in the race, you'll quickly get tons of people out there driving traffic to your site or race!

All this is very powerful to generate cash flow!

However, there is one more powerful benefit you need to know about ... and this great benefit is a game game.

You could really start with only a very small group of people in the race. This small group might be all you need to start the "snowball effect" that needs a "viral storm" of traffic, leads and revenue!

You see, as a contestant is a virus (and multi-tiered), it does not take much to spark those viruses!

For marketers like us, this "viral effect" is just unique!

One virus storm can change your entire finances if done correctly! We have all seen what happens before!

Imagine having 100 people as participants in your race ... These 100 people make things to earn points (prizes) like: Publish on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, send press releases, run ads, refer people and so on ...

Well, these 100 people are out there sending a small billboard around the country and thousands of others will see the posts. All entries push more visitors to participate in the race.

100 people can quickly have 1000 people. Those 1000 people can quickly call 4000 people and the snowball effects begin!

For you, it's cash.

All these people are making more and more things to earn prizes / points. It grows and grows, and so is yours: List ... Traffic ... Buzz ... Meaning ... and CASH!

Is it a smoking hot scary or what?

Here's how it works ... When participants sign up for your contest, by clicking the button, the system automatically receives Facebook, Twitter, etc. their accounts for automatic posting for them!

For example Bob records your race. He clicks on the automatic mail button (to earn points of course) ... and the presto! Your contest will make absolutely sure to display on Facebook's wall Bob.

Then Bob is talking to a friend, and a friend says, "Hey, what is the competition you wrote on your Facebook wall?"

It's automation at best!

Hello, let the system make the whole world. That's what technology is about ... That's why we have computers ... so they can work for us.

I do not know about you ... but wow how amazing can you get? This system works for you ... and for you participants!

Imagine waking up in the morning and getting all the buzz ... all the attention ... all this brand ... all that traffic ... and everything that appears!

We are talking about the essence of marketing here. It is a quality of life for marketing. It is a perfect marketing tool. Think about it. What is marketing for you? What does this term mean "marketing" for you?

If you look at the word "marketing" ... the definition of "marketing" sounds like a definition of "running competition". It's the ultimate marketing brand and Contest Burner comes locked and loaded, tested and proven, insured and ready ... here and now!

Buzz creates word in the mouth. It creates a "sense of consciousness". It creates buying feelings in the market. It's like walking up to giant bees and smacking it with a stick (people leave nuts).

This is one of the best Buzz Generation applications you've ever seen. Imagine hundreds or even thousands of people out there, send to action and build avalanches and talk on your market!

This is one of the most important methods of Titan market! They thus create any way that is necessary. Buzz puts the spotlight on you and your business! Buzz gets attention and raises "conversation".

It creates mouthwash, and this power in the mouth can cause you a little fortune very quickly! You want buzz, you need buzz and this will do it for you!

You do not have to have your own products to run competitions. You can continue to be affiliate marketer and use Contest Burner to run tsunami traffic to offer or list!

Ask any great affiliate and they will tell you that even if they are affiliate marketer, they still build a list! Building a list is perfect passive income. Responsive list is money on demand!

As you see, as an affiliate marketer, you can beat a race and get a flood of backlashes, tons of routes, mountains worth of traffic and can make you fate (even promoting other people's products)

If you do not get excited, check your pulse!

The possibilities are endless.

Imagine participating in a group competition where you and some others all join together and launch a great race that floods the market with buzz! Imagine one of the tasks that are working, choosing to choose somewhere free and earn points for it (it would build a list).

Imagine using Contest Burner for MLM applications to get a huge downline (if you are in MLM). Imagine using Contest Burner for offline business!

What if you took an outside company and competed with Contest Burner? You want to crush it in the local market! There would be a "game over" for the competition of small businesses.

Their competition would not know what happened to them!

If you are an offline marketing consultant - provide internet marketing services to small businesses, you just hit the pot. Serious

You could take one customer and a clean house. Then use this review to completely shave it with your other customers. Imagine all back and YouTube videos and Facebook posts on-site!

Hello, even if you're not an external marketing consultant, you could think of becoming one now! No joke

Imagine being determined to get your foreign minister, a small customer, with posts, blogs, comments, press releases, YouTube videos, articles, such as, etc.! How Much Powerful Is It?

The sky is the limit with a competition burner, it's really!

More and more traffic !!!

Okay, we do not even scratch the surface here.

I mean, there are so many different benefits, features and possibilities with a competitor. I am almost afraid to overcome you with opportunities.

Appearance - When you "get it" and truly see the opportunities here with this program, you'll see dollar signs everywhere with a competition burner. It's endless. That's a lot.

It's a "have" tool and the only reason you have not scrolled down and purchased already is because you have not yet "got it" yet.

It's okay, it happens.

Sometimes you get hit with so many "thoughts and possibilities" that you find the ideas and miss what it really is and what it really does. No worries, let's get it right now, ok?

With a contest burner, you run a race that gives a prize for people to earn points. People go out and do things for you. They send on Facebook for you (easy content). They do this because they want to win an iPad or Amazon gift certificate.

They go out and send articles and shoot videos to win prizes! They see their names at the summit. They get recognition. They work. People love to work things. They love to get awards transferred to them.

People go online and spread the word for you. This creates a buzz in the market. These people build a list for you. They build links for you. They get credibility on the market for you. Create proof for you. Make comments for you. They get you sorted (for you).

Meanwhile - back in elementary schools - you are shaking in tons of routes, getting heavy traffic and making a bunch of money! Your list is bursting out and you feel like you're in the middle of the universe, where a spot appears directly on you and your business.

It's almost endless!

Purchasing a competitor burner comes with a one-year license for one page. However, there are options for multiple domains.

I've heard often - having a high receptive list can be money in market demand. I agree with the statement that many of our experts preach!

Having a Art gives you an amazing opportunity to make money every day. With a list set up you can introduce your own products or affiliate offers ... all you get money!

Competition burner has already been proven many times. It has already helped people build lists, get buzz and drive traffic. List ... buzz in the market ... traffic ... all the same!

But more than money, what time and energy? Sure, a contest burner can save you tons of time ... and of course, it can save you a lot of frustration and wastefulness ... but it can also save you an excessive amount of money!

I'm talking about saving money ... not just doing it!

Competition burner does not cost anywhere and can cause traffic for a long time to come. All these messages out there make your participants ... all the press releases or articles they submit ... all the blogs they create ... all of these YouTube videos are there ... like billboards throughout the internet .. Continue driving traffic and leads to you.

If you have read this far, I'm sure you're currently seeing a dollar tag. You are now starting to see an unprecedented opportunity to use this program to create a flow of money.

Here are some quick-key ideas for using Contest Burner:

The sky really is the limit of all possibilities to use Contest Burner to succeed!

Any serious market would see this as a golden opportunity and the only reason I would suspect someone would miss is because they do not get it yet. They are either A) not seeing this for real or B) they are not serious about their business at all.

If they are not serious about their business, they would not even have read this much, so I can only assume you're on board and ready to get your hands on this opportunity!


To get your hands on this app (which could change your financial life) it will drive you at the cost of a good dinner for two and a few drinks. That's it!

Well, it's definitely worth more than I'm charging for it, it's certain. But I want to provide an ambitious internet marketer with a program that's A) Extremely affordable because anyone can afford it and B) Help ambitious markets to change their financial lives!

I founded Contest Burner for me ... for my company in the house! I'm an artist and have built up a list of 1,000,000 or more on them. I created this to drive traffic, create fraud, build lists and increase revenue even higher.

I clearly understand from 13 or so years of Internet Marketing, the key to success is "eye balls". You want to be where the eye balls are now on. You want to cut through the smoke and get to customers. Þú vilt fá eins marga "viðskiptavini" á listanum þínum. Og þú vilt keyra sjóðstreymi í gegnum umferð!

Þetta krefst verkfæra. Við lifum á stafrænu aldri þar sem verkfæri geta breytt því hvernig við gerum viðskipti. Við lifum í heimi þar sem kviknar á sumum stöðum (eins og Facebook og YouTube, osfrv.) Og að geta tapað þeim kvikum af fólki getur trompet bara um önnur form auglýsinga sem það er.

Með keppnisbrennari, getur þú verið smellur í miðjum þessum kvikum viðskiptavina. Þú getur haft svör viðskiptavina flóða samkeppni þína og vefsvæði. Þú getur notað þetta tól, þetta ótrúlega tól, til að eldsneyta tekjur þínar!

Frankly, ég er stoltur af keppnisbrennari og spenntur að verða vitni að velgengni sem fólk hefur þegar haft með það! Ég er spenntur að sjá að þú ert með mikla velgengni með það líka. Ég vil að fólk hafi meira líf og fleiri tekjur, og ég veit að þetta tól virkar eins og heilla.

Þess vegna hef ég gert það lágt, þannig að einhver hefur efni á því! Ég gæti auðveldlega ákæra 10 sinnum hvað ég er að hlaða fyrir það! Nei grín! Svo verður þú alveg að sparka sjálfur ef þú missir af þessu litla verði. Top markaður hefur verið að æpa mér til að hækka verðið, svo haltu þessu núna!

Til að taka snjallar aðgerðir núna fáðu allt keppnisbrennaraforritið fyrir frábær lágt verð sem er algerlega fáránlegt miðað við hvað þú færð!

Hugsaðu um þetta þó ... ekki aðeins er ég að bjóða þér uppi hilla forrit sem getur breytt lífi þínu fyrir lágt lágt verð, ég veitir þér einnig MEGA-BONUS til að sækja lifandi atburði FRJÁLS .

Hvers vegna svo mikið fyrir svo minna?

Vegna þess að það er of seint að benda á svima! Ég hef lært sem markaður OG sem viðskiptavinur, það er mikil skortur á virði á þessum markaði. Með þessu tilboði hér og bónusin sem veitt er, er ekki aðeins umframverðmæti hér, en það er veikur möguleiki!

Ég hef fjarlægt allar hindranir fyrir fólk, drepið allar afsakanir, og það er kominn tími til að einhver og allir hafi tækifæri til að ná árangri fljótt!

Já, ég mun taka keppnisbrennari (þar með talin bónus) núna!

Ég er tilbúinn! Let's Get Contest Burner Rocking!

Ég sé þig inni í forritinu og takk svo mikið fyrir að kaupa Contest Burner. Ég get ekki beðið eftir að verða vitni að velgengni þinni!

PS - Það eina sem stendur á milli þín og sex tölur gæti einfaldlega verið LIST! Ertu ekki kominn tími til að byrja eða vaxa listann þinn?!?

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 Viral Marketing - Contest Burner Online Contest Software

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 Viral Marketing - Contest Burner Online Contest Software

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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