View the world on your iPhone

We've got the whole world on the iPhone – literally. Because in the near future, iPhone users worldwide will be a 3D virtual Earth app for Apple iPhone. This is not completely Google Earth but it was broken after the model. Imagine having your finger to touch or touch your finger on the touch screen.

This new three-dimensional geographic browser application was developed by a company called Earthscape, as announced at a 2008 conference in 2008, an annual meeting in Burlingame, Calif., With fixed software developers and businesses interested in purchasing , funding, sales and / or other support. The new GoogleEarth-like app is the right name, known as Earthscape.

The new program also promises "built-in social strata," an innovative technology that allows even richer map views and search experience. Social strata enable users to mark locations anywhere marked on the planet and tag photos, stories, and travel tips. Users can share their world (in other words) with other users. Thus, Földscape is ready to be not only the latest map application, but also the latest social networking sites.

Similar other content, which is made more accessible at different points in the map at different points of the map, will be a selection of Wikipedia articles, restaurant reviews, and other dynamic content.

Like EarthScape, like GoogleEarth, we are able to approach nearby places close to you, but you can use Earth Globe to switch between different views across different locations. seasons. Imagine what your favorite destination looks like in winter, spring, summer and fall.

You can not just switch between different seasonal views, but you can also switch between views from different periods. Now you can see how the small town was in XX. In centuries, for example. He sees that this makes EarthScape in the latest historical applications.

What's more, Geography provides flight maps and topographic maps to the selected locations that can be viewed.

The Earth Band contains a Javascript API that allows popular users to develop their own unique programs for using EarthScape. For example, you can create an app that can track your favorite moves or place your posts in your favorite social bookmarking sites. Any location-specific data that you may want to map to can be easily done with a custom application that is compatible with Earthscape.

All we have to say is, "Watch out, GoogleEarth!"

Source by Corey T Bruhn

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