Video may have killed the radio star, but it may be the birth of musician Indie

It's not to deny that a great song, paired with a great video, or a movie provides context, like nothing else. We are a visual society! That's why YouTube and so many other similar sites are the most popular. That's why Google places so much emphasis on it in the search story. They engage people anymore, and it stimulates many sensations.

However, videos for independent musicians have long been considered as a challenge. Many argue that they can not compete with big budgets of major brands. Indie artists are struggling to do rent and play an exhibition, much less create a video. However, the power that this video has to allow you to eat another meal and get someone to listen to the wonderful song you wrote is undeniable.

What I'll show you is a few tips, tricks and places to show you how to shoot a cool video on a low to zero budget. It's quite amazing what technology and talent we probably have in our pocket. That's all movie shot on smartphones now!

I guarantee that everyone reading this post has at least one privileged member of the band who has an iPhone, smartphone or you can call someone who does.

So, let's get that prerequisite, you've got out and had your smartphone in hand.

Some tools and ideas to help:

1. A Movie Maker – If you want to create something that will even blow you away, there are some great programs! They turn your smartphone into video making! Filmic Pro, 8mm, and almost DSLR are some great options.

2. Storyboard – this is just to keep you organized and make sure you get all the bullets you want. FREE print one of the internet!

3. Idea – Have fun with this. Make it as interesting or boring as you like. Heck even poetry video clips might have an idea of ​​changing background. Remember, you are trying to represent yourself. Even if you decide to just form your band to play the song live.

4. Movies from different angles – In other words, shoot the same things from several different angles. This allows you more flexibility in the word processing process. You will be glad you did!

5. Additional Lenses (Wide Angle, Fisheye, Telescopic) – Another option and absolutely not necessary, but if you have an extra $ 40 dollars or so, pick it up. You are going to shoot a lot of videos, so this is a very good cost to consider. It will provide some more interesting bullets in your videos.

6. Watch videos online to create some ideas . There are a number of videos specifically for Indie musicians on a budget or not a budget.

7. Change child . This is where fun and magic happen. Once again you can find very cheap programs to do this or use the old laptop you have.

One last thing I will mention, that I heard a big budget director mentions to bring up an idea of ​​a video should you decide to take an idea.

The director said putting the song on play and listening to the song 30-40 times before doing anything. Then and only then listen to the song and think about what kind of story could say in a video format.

You might already have a nice concept, but this could cause some ideas if you are in trouble.

Whatever you do, do something. Video is how we discover music. The video culture has created a need to go beyond the song. The goal of most of all is to be heard. Have an interesting video, even if you have no budget for one, you will get more people to listen. Just be creative, and you can do some pretty things without spending money at all!

Source by Ryan Keeton

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