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 Vert Shock | # 1 Worldwide Jump

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I do not care if you're under 6 feet tall ...

If you're seamless & # 39; ...

Or if you've already tried all the instructions on cheating jumps you might found on YouTube ...

Before giving up on your dream of throwing dark dark ...

Let me tell you something ...

And in the next few minutes I'll prove it to you without any

And there is a new system that you can use immediately to increase your jump to increase your jump.

Up to less than 8 weeks.

"Using Vert Shock I left nothing to dip in just 7 weeks."

Gilbert, Arizona · Vert Shock Member

"After just 4 weeks of fast shot I had my first dunk!"

Germany · Vert Shock Member

"I'm just a regular guy and could WINDMILL after just 6 weeks of Vert Shock!"

Rolle, Switzerland · Vert Shock Member

And all of them have gone into this system and replaced the DUNKING machine ...

And I can not stress enough:

This is not another one of these pointless jump courses.

You do not have to do heavy soccer ...

Indeed, if you follow me for a while, you'll learn some of the exercises you're probably doing to kill yourself. [19659002] Re: Everything great?

You're the first person I bought a jump program from what actually responds ...

Just email to say I'll first go to the playpen tonight for just 11 days in Vert Shock!

I'm too pumped right Thank you so much!

From: Joshua Hughes

Got my first dunk ever

Just wanted to say thanks for Vert Shock. I'm only 8th grade but I'm 6 "so everyone expects to dunk."

In the beginning I was skeptical but decided to try it.

This stuff really works I'm only 2 weeks in Vert Shock and I just threw down my first dunk ever !! I went from barely touching the edge to DUNKING!

From: AJ Detrick

I just got my first dunk ever and I'm only 13 days in Vert Shock!

Thank you very much for this program.

Maybe you've heard about Justin & Jus Fly & # 39; Darlington ...

He was on TNT's sculpture, The Dunk King.

And I'm happy to call him my good friend.

As I said

Here is a photo of him to accept a first place victory at the Nike World Dunk Contest along with LeBron and Anthony Davis.

Although he is considered to be the world's top dunker, he was not always flying around the world to show his dunks ...

Long story short, he and I grew up in Canada.

I'd be a complete liar if I promised you'd jump 50 inches ...

It's absurd, Justin is an absolute threat to nature ...

But I'll promise you one thing ... [19659002]]

Today I'm going with this simple roadmap ...

Just a few simple exercises every week ...

As I said, it's the best feeling in the world. to share your roadmap with a dunk mecca ...

It's a new 60-day ELITE vertical trainer, which I call VERT SHOCK.

And if you're ready to handle me for a few minutes, I'll tell you all you need to know.

Along with WHAT VERT SHOCK IS ...


Who has already thrown down large-scale dunks by following this method.

Before I go further ...

I really want you to think about it. [19659002] What would your life be like you could throw down flying dunks with ease ... anytime you wanted?

Do you finally want to get the starting card on your team?

Maybe a star of a star who always gets rock when the game is on the line ...

Imagine all your school ... maybe the whole town ... looking to throw down the massive dunks in games.

Imagine getting tagged in videos over Instagram and Facebook ...

Imagine getting the attention of university teachers nationwide ...

But first let me just say y ...

When you can constantly dunk it as almost everything is possible.

NO MORE stretch the shoulder of their socks just to chop the net

NO MORE be afraid to attack the edge in games and habits [19659002] NOT MORE INDEPENDENT when you step foot on the pitch

NOT MORE finishing course and funky exercises that try to boost your host

NO MORE Sits on the bench when you want to get out on the pitch to dump people [19659002] Please think about this carefully.

Because if you're just someone who likes the idea of ​​dunking ...

But never really want to throw down a slam ...

Make us both pay and click on & # 39;

If you're someone who would rather have a regular basketball career ...

Maybe play a few minutes in a game ...

But the only doll you want to do is in video games ...

Then VERT SHOCK the system not for you.

Do you want to dominate your opponents and stand out in what gym you enter?

Do you want to acknowledge parties and social events as "the man who can dunk"?

Do you want to make it to the next level and make your parents proud?

Do you want to be the guy everyone talks about at school?

I used to play the NCAA Department of Basketball at the University of California Irvine ...

And later began to play in favor ...

See I've traveled around the world and played basketball against some of the best players you can imagine ...

Kobe Bryant and Adam Folker

So trust me when I say -

I'm telling you this just because I thought I could pass me on the hill once ...

Until life went me soon and I could said ...

Kobe Bryant and Adam Folker

First, look at this picture of me in the 9th grade.

Here I was 14 years old ... 6 foot 4.

You would think of the height I was a star right? [19659002] I fought the freaking class at my French national team.

Just imagine how it felt ...

Being the tallest boy in the team, but your coach only adds you if you have two kinds of leaders.

Now when you're such a feast, and you meet somebody for the first time, guess what they ever ask you ...

"Wow do you play basketball?"

How do you feel when people define

And you're not even good at it?

I will never forget one game separately.

This girl I had a great chest came to watch ...

I sat fresh on the bench for up to 40 minutes.

My highlight of the night was a few layups of half an hour warmups ...

I never forget to be so humiliated ...

I just wanted to get out

In the next 6 months, I have to have spent a thousand hours exploring all that I could on vertical jump training ...

I completely tried everything I could find.

Those funny jumpers ... [19659002] I was so close to accepting that nobody could add their verticals ...

I thought maybe it was all genetics that you're a poison

It's " secret sauce "behind my three-fold system ...

And it's going to pee for a few people.

Especially those who contact you who tell you to do a box

Meanwhile, they are collecting money from ads every time you watch their videos.

Trust me, do not worry if you die sometime ...

In fact, it's better for them if you do not.

Just think about it: if you finally dunk, you stop watching their videos ...

And then they stop paying!

Because in the last 10 years I have

And I know the real way to get over the edge ... it all starts by targeting certain muscles in the legs.

In the evening I found a link in a scientific way

And it was not a normal education, it described secret, Russian training technology that proved ...

"At Hletes ... can ... improve their strength and explosives while working to get agile ... as long as 6 weeks. "

And without getting too deep science they really are the muscular pins that turn their feet into rubber bands.

When you bend your feet you get excited ...

And when you extend it gives it out ...

It's all very simple ...

The only way to increase the maximum vertical is that aim and strengthen your elastic fiber.

If you do not train with special exercises you will neglect them ...

Let me say if you're wrong, remember me

If all this Russian workout was so successful, why did anyone not taught it before?

Well, there are several reasons for that.

I have already told you about a so-called specialist at You are not logged in. V developed the method "SHOCK" to give the Soviet Union an unfair advantage in the Olympics.

He discovered that repeated training like nodes and other usual methods had little effect on the athlete's actual jump height.

Nevertheless, crazy as it all sounds, some scientific research confirms that your elastic fibers are the only way to increase your hops ...


Much of it has to be translated from Russian.

It is even a manual that his younger daughter has recently been translated into English.

But it does not give you complete training.

It took me almost 6 months to find everything and go through his papers ...

Since 5 years to test and investigate the methods ... [19659002] As you can imagine, this has been good of my life for the past 10 years ...

And I wanted to put it all in an easy to follow schedule.

That's why I've spent countless hours everything I've ever found on a vertical jump in a downloadable, done-for-you action plan, my name is VERT SHOCK.

It's the only workout I know that can help you dip in less than 8 weeks.

And remember you do not have to buy anything special to use VERT SHOCK ...

It's all possible to do from your home and you do not even need access to a fitness center to use it!

Do not let the "SHOCK" part of the title deceive you, VERT SHOCK is not only the most effective way to increase vertically ...

Think about it, does anyone ever like to get up with the doll with weights?

Or ankle or something like that?

And we want to practice how we play.

VERT SHOCK is designed to

It's not hard for you to do it ... it's no more challenging than playing a basketball game or something else you've probably tried.

In fact, it's & # 39; is probably much easier. Remember, we must not work SMART hard.

All I'm going to introduce to you is based on unique jumping exercises along with precise sets and reps.

This first step is called The Pre-Shock and is designed to get your body ready to fly.

You must train 4 days this week for 30 minutes per session.

"I just started Vert Shock 3 Days Ago and I'm already Dunking!"

- John Alexander Macdonald

United States · Vert Shock Member

"After just 10 days hostess I left BARELY To be able to dunk to throw 180 dark!"

- Juann Ricardo Rios Salcido

Mexico · Vert Shock Member

"I've never seen my body respond to what's this soon ... after 3 days I was dunking with ease!"

Charlotte, NC · Vert Shock Member

From: Evanda Tusitala

Re: Evanda how is the exercise going?

My dinner was 19 inches and just another day he shot up to 23 inches !! Today is my Sabbath and I'm back tomorrow to start the Shock Phase!

Thank you for viewing :)

Can not wait to work tomorrow!

From: Roma Concepcion

(No content)

I have used this application for 5 days and I have already reached 4-5 inches.

I believe this program hands down.

From: Bilal Ibrahim

Thanks for the program, I'm 6, 2, 13 years old.

In just 2 weeks, I can easily easily dunk it with two hands !!! Which means your application really works !!!

I can not wait for the weeks to come.

This is where real magic happens.

You will have to train on average only 3 days a week ...

For a total of 40 minutes per session.

Each of your movements will carefully target those neglected elastic fibers. It's important that you blow up every jump in this phase of the program ...

... this is how you constantly achieve the MAX vertical velocity and reinforce the elastic fibers.

After these 6 weeks you will have to jump higher than all your friends thought possible.

"I've been doing Vert Shock for just 2 weeks now and I've gone almost virtually not dunking to DUNKING ON PEOPLE IN GAMES !!!"

Delaware, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I hardly started grabbing, and now I can do it !!! Thank you very much for being aware!"

Kentucky, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I went out of practically no thanks to thanking two hands simple !!! Vert Shock helped me move from benchwarmer to STARTING LINEUP!"

Florida, USA · Vert Shock Member

Since all that your body learned in Steps 1 and 2 will be cemented in your muscle ...

Ready to be called at any time so that you can rise and throw down large-scale brown dunks in control.

You must train 4 days this week for approximately 30 minutes at a meeting.

We're coming back to this week's strength and allow the body to turn off the FURY vertical leap.

This is the most exciting time of the program ...

You'll feel much lighter and springier at your feet ...

The strength of your elastic fibers will make it feel like heavy weight has been lifted on your shoulders.

"It's so nice to finally dunk! I left the edge to dunk easily."

Australia · Vert Shock Member

"Vert Shock helped my son Tom throw down his four darks always! Thank you for such a successful program!"

- Justin & Tom Penkethman

Eltham, Australia · Vert Shock Member

"4 weeks after I started Vert Shock I threw down my first WINDMILL!"

California, United States · Vert Shock Member

If that's not enough ...

Take a look at this video.

It's highlights my reel in high school.

After learning about the elastic fibers of the body and specifically training them with my VERT SHOCK routine, my dunk changed my life.

It gave me a full basketball project to School 1

Took me all over the world. Paying a salary to play basketball with benefits.

Remember my friend Justin? VERT SHOCK did the same for him ...

And look at him, he's the # 1 Dunker World.

So with VERT SHOCK, I want to pay it now and help you achieve your goals.


But how can it help you?

Whether it raises your friends ...

Getting hired to play university camps ...

Or even doing It to the NBA ...

I want to get where you want to go ...

I finish today after workout. everybody was watching and i went up and dunked one hand. A special explanation of Adam Folker and his practice that they gave me 13 inches on my vertical.

Hey guys, all who are out there wanting to increase their verticals should use VertShock because I can say it was working for me.

I am now in the 5th week of the program and finally dunked for the first time. For anyone who wants to do the same program, you not only help Dunk but it also makes you more sport in everything you do in court narratives, protection, absorbent contact, etc.).

Exercises are also very easy to do and you only need space outside or in the gym to do it. Every exercise is shown in more detailed videos. There is no doubt that Vert Shock is the quickest and easiest way to increase your vertical. Thank you very much for creating this amazing program Adam Folker

I never said hurt to try so I bought it and after 1 week my vertical 4 inches reminded and I could dunk one holder. After 4 weeks I reached almost 7 inches and could hardly hug 2 hands.

by finished the Vert Shock program that I received more than 12 inch and bam i'm dunking 2 hands. Thanks to Adam and Folkersystem, I achieved my dream.

And remember that it's the only one that's good ...

Because it's actually eliminating these elastic fibers in your feet ...

Who can improve your vertical as much as 9-15 + inches in a few weeks.

And if you're ready, I want to send you a password ...

This is not one of these YouTube Playlists, because you can only view some videos

It is a very clear scheduled 8-week treatment.

As I said before, this is not a complicated program.

And it's not that hard (remember - we're working smoothly,

In fact, it only takes 90 minutes a week to complete.

You do not have to be an athlete.

You do not need to be strong.

You are not I need no equipment.

And unfortunately, I wish I could only give it for free.

But the fact is I would lose money ...

Between all the money I spent doing research, hire a team to create and edit videos, create and host websites, produce and publish the training guide ...


Although it cost me a lot to make it accessible to you.

So today I've arranged a very special price for this jogging program. [19659002] If you take care of it now, I know you're going to love it.

No matter how well or you hard coaches, ie there are 4 Jump Killers that will entertain your success and prevent you forever

Probably you are doing at least one of these now.

Within this free bonus you must discover:

How to complete the BS that steal your vertical leverage so that you can finally break the handles with a forgotten and undisclosed feel ...

The most common mistake that all players do when they try to increase their vertical ... (heck i bet you probably made it today ...) and an easy solution to fly higher than ever before

How to Avoid Common Misconception most "experts" tell you when it comes to training a vertical jump so that you can avoid dissatisfaction and fainting.

Training, technology and targeting of the right muscles are very important.

Before this free bonus pour the beans on 5 of Justin's dirty secret to get there in any way.

You're not going to believe this simple "cheater" of his ...

The best program in the world is worth being in the crowd if you do not follow.

Do you want to believe that it's a common everyday food that collects the "springiness" of your body and take your maximum leap potential?

But not only, there are also a lot of food that serves as a fuel in fire, making your body

Within this free bonus module you will discover:

The secret "MCV" secretly enhances vertical jumps with by changing your approach speed ... you'll be shocked at how fast this works.

A simple yet deadly active "secret message secret" to your 10x power company during the take-off of MASSIVE hang-on time ...

Why do you always pull yourself on the ground before jumping ... this is # 1 the most effective way to EXPLODE vertically and dunk faster and easier than ever before.

But when we're dealing with something like a special

And if I put a low price tag on VERT SHOCK, guess what?

It devalues ​​the information ...

And the next thing you know, all these fake YouTubers, which you already know when I hate would take the entire VERT SHOCK system ...

... Put on It's on the channel, and promote money from my research and visible tactics.

I have seen it before.

I'm not going to make it happen to me

Therefore, I have to keep the price relatively high ...

Now considering how much this system can affect vertical ...

At To at least 9-15 + inches in less than 8 weeks ...

To throw down big dunks in front of all your school ...?

I mean what do you pay for a new pair of sneakers ...

Yes they make you look good and enjoy the field ...

How much has shoes always really changed your game?

I've been playing basketball for more than 20 years and I do not know anyone who has ever gained strength

And I got a lot more than playing at the cost ...

So, understand, dunking is very valuable.

And I dare see how much it could change your life ... so I'll do something very special for a limited time because I want you to try it today.

There you can find everything that requires training videos, worksheets and any information that accompanies the step-by-step program that you will deepen within 8 weeks.

You'll find that every video is very easy to follow in the VERT SHOCK system ... so you can be sure you're doing everything 100% right. You will find additional special tips, tricks and techniques that I've perfected over the last 20 years to land the elastic fiber of the body for the absolutely high flying results.

When you sign up for VERT SHOCK, it's just the beginning of our relationship ...

Every week I'll send you some emails because I want to make sure you're okay. [19659002]

I want you to know we're in this together.

If you think you are too short or seamless, you need to see this

How to open a 9+ inch raw vertical jump using a professional dunk master secret ...

How to use "Strengthening" to become an explosive world-class jumper, even if you're slim and unconventional (combine 2 or 3 of these for cruel performance ...)

How to wrap up your muscular memory and set up the world's silky smooth hardware the best dunkers ...

3 "foot hack" to open instant inches on your hops ...

How to Simply Dunk Without PALMING BASKETBALL ... (This is a game converter if you are looking to throw down your first dip ...)

A weird takeoff approach used by Jus Fly for maximum progress and explosives each time ... [19659002] How to build trust in your talents soon so you d pkar without hesitation in games ...

Look, I just want this to be the easiest decision you'll ever make.

I've told you by implementing the methods you find inside VERT SHOCK, you can easily expect to improve your vertical by 9-15 + inches in the next 8 weeks.

And because I want you to make this decision today ...

I'm going to offer you once in your life that puts you on life-threatening dunks through this simple program.

And I'm so sure that VERT SHOCK will have you dunking in 60 days or less that I'm going to put my money where the mouth is.

So if you go through this program and you can not fully dunk in the next 8 weeks (it rarely happens on the way).

I will send you a 100% refund.

All you need to do is send me a quick email with the & # 39; Republishing Book & # 39; ... and the money

There is nothing to lose.

And all that's needed to accomplish ...

Even after all I've shown you today ...

If you want to tell the facts do not exist, it's all right.

But when you get dunked on this average height guy in the next game, you'll always wonder if he went through VERT SHOCK.

At least I've given you tons of information today ... so I

Now you know a lot of YouTube videos and so-called "jump" experts will lead you to death.

So you could try to spend your time through all dr. Dr. What I did ...

It will probably take you a long time ...

Like I said, it took me thousands of hours to gather everything ...

In addition, it even took longer time to optimize VERT SHOCK for maximum performance in minimal time (5+ years of testing and research!)

But if you're someone who would rather spend much more ti i'm ...

Doing a lot more work ... just to save a small amount of money ...

Well, that's your choice and I'm perfectly fine with it.

All you have to do is click on & # 39; Order Now. "

I've already done all the work for you. (That's what you pay me for after all!)

All you have to do is follow this itinerary ... which consists of several exercises a week ...

And you can see as much as a 3 to 5 inch elevation of your vertical in the first 7 days!

And 9-15 + inches in the next 8 weeks.

The fact of the matter is ...

There are already plenty of people inside the VERT SHOCK program who thought they were "too short" ...

And "had no genetics."

Why not taking a risk-free opportunity to shut down your first dip in the next 60 days with VERT SHOCK.

And most people see the results much faster.

But the clock is marking ...

So what are you waiting for?

Simply click the "Order Now" button below and let's start.

I look forward to watching your photos ...

Adam Folker Founder, VERT SHOCK Spring 2018

P.S. Do not forget all the cool bonuses you get when you sign up for VERT SHOCK today ...

Totally, VERT SHOCK has taken almost 10 years to assemble ...

I've already helped more than 20,000 students to take his dunk to the next level ...

And I want you to be next.

This offer expires soon.

And You Can not Get VERY SHOCK Elsewhere ...

After you order Vert Shock you will need to submit your username and password to log in to the server. Inside you will be able to access all of the Vert Shock applications along with all the bonuses and Jump Like Justin free bonus. Þú getur fengið aðgang að meðlimum vefgáttinni á hvaða tæki sem er tengt við internetið!

Vert Shock notar stefnumótandi æfingar og sett / rep samsetningar til að miða teygjanlegt vöðva trefjum þínum. Þetta veldur sprengiefni í lóðréttum stökk.

Nr. Vert Shock þarf EKKI búnað eða aðgang að líkamsræktarstöð. Þú getur gert forritið heima.

Já. Vert Shock notar ekki þungar lyftingar þannig að það muni ekki styrkja vöxt þína. Vert Shock er öruggur fyrir alla aldurshópa. Auðvitað ættirðu að hafa samband við lækninn þinn áður en þú hreyfir þig.

Eftir að þú hefur pantað Vert Shock í dag verður þú læst og fengið aðgang að forritinu á ævinni. Þú Vert Shock forritið rennur út og þú getur skráð þig inn eins oft og þú vilt.

Já, og þú munt fá það sama ef þú ert ekki betri árangur, jafnvel þótt þú sért þjálfaður í árstíð. Tímabundin þjálfunaráætlun gerir þér kleift að skipuleggja æfingu þína í kringum æfingu.

Nei. Reyndar ertu nákvæmlega gerð manneskja sem mun sjá fá stærsta stökkvinninguna af þessu forriti. Þú hefur svo mikið pláss til að bæta við að aðeins nokkrar klipar sjáðu þig að fá marga tommur mjög fljótt.

Eftir að þú hefur keypt þá verður þú strax að fá innskráningu á eina meðlimi síðuna. Hér munt þú vera fær um að lesa og birta á almennum vettvangi auk spurðu mig um spurningar sem þú gætir haft.

nr. Við höfum hannað þetta forrit fyrir upptekinn fólk eins og okkur svo að þú þurfir aðeins minna en klukkustund að hámarki 4 sinnum í viku til að fá allar niðurstöður úr því.

Vert Shock er stafrænt, á netinu aðildarsvæði sem þýðir að þú færð tafarlausan aðgang að allt efni og myndskeið annað sem þú tekur þátt í, jafnvel þótt það sé 4:00. Þar sem ekkert er til pósts og engar líkamlegar bækur osfrv. Getum við haldið forritinu okkar á viðráðanlegu verði og sparað þér tonn af peningum fyrir alla þessa háþróaða þjálfun.

Vert Shock er öruggt og virkar fyrir alla aldurshópa og stig. The program requires no weights or special equipment and can be done at home. Exercise videos of each movement are included so there is no prior workout experience needed.

Yes, but not as much as say, a newbie obviously. You’ll still be able to add a few inches to your hops without much trouble though.

Without a doubt and here’s why. All our payment processing is handled by a separate billion-dollar company that has been around for decades.

It’s called Clickbank and it’s responsible for millions of transactions per month with the latest security in place. We trust them wholeheartedly and have never had any issues at all.

We were very careful about who we decided to work with and these guys are the best, hands down. You have nothing to fear whatsoever and if you’re still nervous about it, feel free to pay with Paypal. We accept both Paypal and credit cards.

Yes! If you would like to get in touch with any of the athletes that provided testimonials just ask!

“Your stuff seriously works! Thank you so much man!”

Oregon, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I used to get teased but now I’m dunking with ease and it’s helped my confidence a lot!”

Boston, USA · Vert Shock Member

“After 3 weeks I threw down my first windmill WITH EASE!”

Palms, California · Vert Shock Member

“Thanks Vert Shock! Check out my Dunk in a game on a defender.”

North Carolina, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I was skeptical but the results are amazing. Vert Shock helped me make a Pro roster.”

Dallas, Texas · Vert Shock Member

“This is the best vertical jump program I have ever done and I’ve tried them all.”

Brisbane, Australia · Vert Shock Member

“Before Vert Shock I was barely dunking… just catching rim grazes. Put in the work and the results will come!”

Los Angeles, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I went from sitting on the bench, barely able to dunk - to averaging multiple dunks per game, becoming a starter, and winning the state championship!”

St. George, Utah, USA · Vert Shock Member

“Before starting Vert Shock I was just grazing the rim.. After week 7 I threw down my first dunk!”

Brookline, NH · Vert Shock Member

“Hard work pays off.. Vert Shock helped me get my first dunk and now I can throw down lobs easy.”

California, USA · Vert Shock Member

“After about 5 weeks I finally threw down my first dunk and it felt amazing. This program is the best program out there and it really works."

Lexington, USA · Vert Shock Member

"You're stuff seriously works! Thank you so much man!"

Oregon, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I went from struggling to dunk to throwing it down in games and ON PEOPLE.”

Arkansas, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I can now bang on a fast break and am dunking on defenders!”

USA · Vert Shock Member

“I'm only 5'8" and this is what I was able to do after 2 weeks of Vert Shock.”

Louisville, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I'm a 5’9 freshman who could never throw it down. I used Vert Shock for just two weeks and I finally dunked!!!”

Texas, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I'm Finally Able To Throw It Down And Dunk In Games Thanks To Vert Shock!"

Missouri, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I am only 5'5" and after starting Vert Shock I can now throw down dunks AND alley-oops!"

Idaho, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I'm a 5'10" white guy and after starting Vert Shock I can finally Dunk!!! THANK YOU!!"

Kansas, United States · Vert Shock Member

"Vert Shock is the only program online that will actually increase your vert. I dunked after only 5 weeks!"

— Aleksandr Salfetnikov

Washington, USA · Vert Shock Member

"Thanks to Vert Shock I'm finally able to Dunk!"

Buffalo, USA · Vert Shock Member

From: Cooper Davidson

Your program really works!

Just to give you a little background on me, I am 16 and only 5'7". I already do have an impress vertical for my height, I can get the bottom of the box. But I wanted to increase it, so after I did the first pre shock phase day 1. I decided to see how much I my vertical increased.

Already I just barely touched the rim!! I am very impressed with this program, you really are a true hero!! Here is the pic of me touching it! Thank you so much for developing it this program it will really change my basketball career!

From: Wyatt House


Thank you for making this awesome system that you made. I started the program with a 28 inch vertical. I am on Week 5 and I now have a 34 inch vertical. I went from barely dunking to doing tomahawk dunks. This system is great.

Thanks, Wyatt House

From: Paul Parker

It's official

First, I'm going to start by saying I was a lil skeptical of the program. But after nearly 2 hours sitting in traffic, I decided to give it a try!

After starting Vert Shock let me tell you - the results are amazing. For a player who didn't even average 1 minute of playing time in high school your program helped me make a professional roster!

Here's a pic of me jumping over the ball rack throwing it down after doing Vert Shock.

Thanks for a awesome program.

I'm a junior in high school who just last season could barely dunk. I sat on the bench all last year and was only on the team because I was tall. I had only ever dunked once in my entire life.

Then I did Vert Shock and now I average a couple dunks a game and even dunk on defenders. I'm also a starter on the team and have won multiple dunk competitions!

This year our team went on to win the Utah state championship. I had one dunk in the quarter finals, 2 dunks in the semi finals, and a career high of 4 dunks in the state championship game!!!

I can't thank you enough for Vert Shock!

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