Verizon iPhone, buy or wait until summer?

Recently announced that Verizon will start selling Apple's crazy popular iPhone 4, the question now is whether it is jumping on it or waiting until June when Apple is likely to release the iPhone 5. Taking the attention, the new iPhone appeared in June, since it started in 2007).

If, like myself, one of the millions of Verizon customers who have been on your side since Verizon iPhone rumors have been starting a few years ago, it is very strong to have a lucky existing customers who can start shopping 3. in February. The question is, looking at earlier releases from Apple, it is more than likely that the bright new iPhone will be outdated in just 5 months.

The rumors of the iPhone 5 are amazing, all about dual-core processors, 1080p HD video (output connection!), Better battery life (using solar than a source) and other enhancements make it seem worth it.

Verizons The iPhone has some improvement on AT & T versions, such as better antenna design and Hotspot connectivity (nice). With Verizon's extensive 3G coverage, it is a big temptation. But even if someone was able to get the most out of the $ 199 or $ 299 to spend the phone after buying the iPhone 4, he bought the iPhone 5 for a 2-year contract. full price if you need.

I think the money is really coming. If you are now buying the iPhone 4 to $ 299 (16GB) and the iPhone 5 must be released, you can sell the iPhone 4 at a minimum of $ 250 or more, then this likely total price of $ 699 Finally, you pay almost $ 500 for the phone, but at least you scratch this prick and you get your cake, you'll eat it in June. Of course, this is only good if you really do not care about the costs and just need it.

Personally, as Verizon's phone gets $ 299 (or $ 199) for a 2-year contract that will end up with up to 2 versions, I think it's the best option until June, the iPhone 5 will not destroy the 4 completely, but the 6 probably. Waiting for the iPhone 5 in June and then be able to qualify for the iPhone 7 (or whatever you are called) when it comes to a non-brain.

However, if anyone read this (this is the first one), please share any comments or suggestions, there are still only two weeks to decide, I want it so badly, but I really do not want to be crazy when the iPhone 5 comes out and my still glossy iPhone 4 seems like my current now-seess-crappy-and-old BlackBerry.

Source by Ricky Wilson

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