Vaniqa is a safe alternative to facial hair removal

Is a safe alternative to Vaniqa cream for women who want to do something about unwanted facial hair?

Yes, it is! In fact, this Vaniqa alternative was on the market a few years ago, while Vaniqa was finally approved by the FDA for a prescription in 2000.

Less well known in the early 1990s The company Nisim International, based in Toronto, Canada, has conducted extensive research in its laboratories on natural herbal remedies for hair loss.

In 1993, the NewHair Biofactors product family released deep cleansing shampoos and hair growth stimulants made from natural herbs. She received a positive inscription in the 1993 Medical Post, and the article listed some of the successful results of clinical trials. (See for the full text of the article)

During the research, people in Nisim decided to not only stopped hair loss, but also suppressed hairs, it was also found to prevent unwanted hair growth in the hair tissue by interrupting the hair growth mechanism.

This led to the release of the Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor in 1997 a few years before Vaniqa arrived on the scene.

Vaniqa and Kalo Compared

There are differences between Vaniqa and Vaniqa cream. On the one hand, Kalo can be used by men, women and children, while Vaniqa is only recommended for women and girls under 12 years of age not to use it.

Vaniqa is only available on prescription, Kalo is not available as a hair growth inhibitor.

Some people ask that Kalo is a viable alternative to Vaniqa because it is not the FDA. While this is true, it is important to understand the process of FDA approval.

Vaniqa was announced by two huge giants on the market for personal care, Bristol-Myer Squibb and The Gillette Company. There are millions of dollars available to get the necessary funding to get Vaniqa through the FDA-approved multi-year tests and trials.

The results of the final clinical trial showed that 58% of women taking Vaniqa had reduced hair growth. This means that a rather large percentage did not show any difference.

An alternative to Vaniqa, Kalo, is produced by a small company without the huge resources available to large drugs. They rely on word of mouth instead of putting large amounts of money into advertising. As a result, the popularity of Kalo has increased, and since Vaniqa was released, Vaniqa is a viable, non-prescription alternative to personal care.

Reasonable Expectations

Like Vaniqa, Kalo doesn't work for everyone. This is why the company provides a money back guarantee. However, given the rate of return and the rate of refunds, no more than 1%, it is obvious that the majority of users are satisfied.

Determining the ideal way of facial hair removal is experimenting with many women before facing a pocket, skin sensitivity, and lifestyle approach.

An alternative to Vaniqa cream or Vaniqa, such as the combination of Kalo, helped make thousands of women easier and more comfortable removing facial hair removal!

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