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When you bought your cell, it's illegal that you have infected how many smartphones are being used. This year the smartphone is securing the computer and it is illegal that this trend will not be reversed. The smartphone today would have been the most powerful computer in the world again in 1985.

It's amazing power in our palm, because your smartphone has a sophisticated operating system to support a small selection of applications. Gone are the days when a mobile phone was simply bought in communication. Today it has become the perfect accessory.

Not only is it possible to be a telecommunications device, but the smartphone not only allows users to stream songs, view photos and videos, take photos and surf the web for a few moments with updates, but can also monitor serious health issues.

The amazing part about technology is how we can carry one small device that works so much of others.

The majority of users consider themselves technically savvy, but it's definitely much more to upgrade your Facebook status and find your way through GPS.

Trapster allows you to share Speed ​​Stations with other users. Then iShake, the application that uses accelerometer in the phone to measure the intensity of an earthquake. It will be compared to other nearby phones, which will then create a map showing the strength and location of the earthquake. Then, the iPhone Blower, just if you do not have enough spirit to blow the candles on your own birthday cake, this program will do it for you.

In addition to all crazy programs, there are options for using the phone for good rather than pure entertainment.

If you need to find yourself in an emergency department in need of urgent medical assistance, you can get immediate access from an allergic reaction to a pulmonary disease, which could make all the difference between life and death. Other revolutionary ways in the field of health are a heart rate that allows you to make an ECG at home with a special device attached to your chest. The device connects to Bluetooth on your smartphone, allowing you to view ECG in detail and send the results to your doctor.

For most of us, this technology can not be affordable when you're in good health. However, for those with current conditions of this kind of nature, it may be possible that this technology may assist in disconnecting the clinic's clinics.

For someone with current heart disease, for example, they can monitor heart rate and blood pressure in their own homes and the results will be sent through the phone to the doctor for food.

Choosing our mobile phone is rare because we think we need to save someone in life-threatening situations with no previous knowledge.

So far from the fact that many crazy smartphones use what's available that can keep boring in time, there are some great advances in the world of mobile phones. Making it difficult to estimate there was always time we said moving around the first revolutionary phones that resembled a small portable switchboard.

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Source by Susan J Hunter

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