Using the smartphone to view the exchange rate

When you travel, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest movements in the foreign exchange market, as you are often in km from the next connected computer. However, if you have a smartphone like Samsung Blackjack, BlackBerry, or T Mobile G1, you're lucky, as there are free currency accounts for all these machines.

BlackBerry users should try to access a program called Called Worldmate Live, which is accessible from the BlackBerry App World service. You must download App World to BlackBerry first. This requires a bubble and BlackBerry operating system version 4.2 or later and takes about ten minutes to install. After installation, simply go to App World and search for Worldmate Live. The program itself should take no more than three minutes to install an installation after downloading.

In addition to keeping track of movements over one hundred and sixty provinces, it can also provide you with weather reports from anywhere in the world, tour operators and even a useful comparative force for international clothing.

If you have a phone running on the Google Android operating system, like T Mobile G1 or HTC Magic, you can get an application called Currency, which takes less than a minute to download and gives you information about over a hundred and sixty lines.

The easiest way to get it is to download it directly to your Android Market phone, which is very similar to the iTunes App Store. You should be able to find it fairly easily by searching for the Keywords Currency and then searching for the currency list there. The best thing about a currency is that it always shows you current exchange rate without having to manually update on your part.

Windows Mobile smartphones, such as Samsung Blackjack or Motorola Q, can get their own version of the BlackBerry app Worldmate Live, although the method is very different.

You can do this by signing in to the site and choosing to download this app to your phone by opening a link in text or email. From now on, it should take about ten minutes to download and install.

If you're traveling somewhere that lacks Internet access, be aware that your smartphone's foreign exchange information does not need to be updated, as it bases its calculations on the most recently downloaded data. If you need other than coordination, make sure you open the application while your device is connected to the Internet.

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