Using the BlackBerry Calculator

In the field of business, you are almost entirely dealing with calculations, so you need a large calculator. And it's a very powerful, built-in BlackBerry system. RIM judged that it would be great to use a traditional BlackBerry calculator that simulates the standard number pattern.

When accessing the Calculator, open the Applications button or press the track wheel button. Calculate from simple arithmetic operations to more complex calculations. All you have to do is follow the simple steps. For example, you need to multiply 345 by 12. Let's see how to do it:

– when you open the calculator, select the first digit, press 3 in our case, and do the same for the other by the numbers 4 and 5

– Select the required keypad, press the scroll key

– select the second number in our 12 cases

– select the equal sign and press the scroll wheel again

The Calculator contains a few digits that are not numeric, beside C (Delete) and CE (Clear Entry). There are other types of non-numeric keys such as:

– MR (Memory Recall), its function is to access the register and use stored numbers

– MC (Deletes Memory) deletes the contents from the register

– MS (Memory Backup) is a device for registering a number

– M + (Memory Plus) sends another number to the register

– 1 / x (Inverse Multiplication) automatically selects 1 with a selected number

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