Using iPhone to Travel

The iPhone is a very smart phone, with its many fantastic features and applications. In this article, we focus on features and applications of iPhones that are suitable for travel around the world.

Google Maps

One of the available iPhone features is Google Maps and can navigate anywhere in any city. Google Maps allows you to bookmark bookmarks for hotels, restaurants, and businesses that you should visit. Create a contact with the address and phone number of the place you want to find for quick access. Google Maps are also useful as it allows you to route directions from one place to another and show you the time of travel and distance traveled.

Talking about language

iPhone is a very useful travel abroad called the Phrasebook that allows texts and voices to be translated into words, phrases and phrases in English, Spanish, Japanese, French and other languages. This application has over 350,000 translations, so you can not find any word for it. This application allows you to speak your mother tongue and travel lamps without leaving any unpublished books without your home.

Currency Converter

iPhone is also very useful for foreign purchases if you have a tight budget, just like using a currency to find out how much you spend on your home. The Currency Converter application allows you to check the conversion rate of over 90 currencies worldwide.

Travel Safe

When traveling it is important that you always travel safely. You can do this with the iPhone. The iPhone allows you to take photos that are useful for saving your passport, as you can take a photo to lose your travels. You can also set iPhone security and security to keep unwanted users safe. IPhone also allows you to create wallpapers, which is great if you have not placed the wallpaper, because you can set the background image to give you where to put it back.

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