Using iPhone for business

The iPhone has many fascinating features. In this article we focus on applications for the iPhone and its successful business. Applications are available for small and large businesses.

Take part in a meeting

iphone has a fantastic application for seating, even if you can not talk. The Cisco WebEx Meeting Center application allows the iPhone user to attend meetings and communicate via wi-fi in real time.

Managing Office Calls

When business gets out of the office, it's hard to draw people who have to call them that day. With iPhone, iDialUDrive allows you to create a list of all the people you need to make phone calls and make the iPhone one call each other so you do not have to remember to call them all.

Sales on Hand

Sales and customers stay on top of the Salesforce mobile app. This application provides instant access to business and customer data such as sales, charts, charts, and recent activities. Businesses are also able to respond to new leaders so they will not miss any important chances about the application.

Traveling Light to Work

The iPhone lets you easily travel to work with the Quickoffice Mobile Suit application. This office application allows you to view, edit, and email important Microsoft Word and Excel files from your iPhone immediately. This application also allows you to create new documents that allow you to stay out of the office.


It's very important to organize tasks and projects within your business. So do not just make a list of the important things you need. Edit them with Omnifocus. This app keeps track of tasks by project, location, person or date. You can also upload photos and use built-in GPS to approximate tasks.

With weather manager projects, your customers or your time, iPhone can help you along the way.

Source by Thomas Upton

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