Using iMovie App on your iPhone 4S

With smartphone technology developments, you can now use devices such as the iPhone 4S to create and share your own movies. IMovie is an app that is available from the AppStore, which allows users to access existing video footage and professional looking movies. In this article, I look at the main features of some applications and how to use them.

iMovie lets you capture and edit great-looking movies from your iPhone 4S 8-megapixel camera. If you have a pre-recorded recording, just open the iMovie app and select the video you want to edit. After you do this, the first thing you need to do to cut unwanted footage is to sneak out unwanted footage from the video by accidentally using the slider interface. It stays with the best bits. You can cut it further into parts that can be rearranged to change the order, again with the slider and drag and drop the video sections in the desired order.

If this is done, you can edit the remaining recording with effects such as slow motion or image refresh and add additional stills from the photo album. You can add a soundtrack to music from the built-in iPod functions of the handset, or choose from a variety of sound effects.

Adds text using the on-screen Qwerty keyboard that allows users to include credits and captions, so they can give you a professional look. It contains eight pre-loaded themes that make the video a special look and feel, a new CNN iReport title that displays a video for a news report and is doing the most hard work for you. Simply fill out empty items when prompted, for example text, and it will scroll down to the bottom as a news portal headlines.

Once you've finished making a masterpiece, you can share it on a social networking site, such as Facebook, on a small screen so that all your friends and family can view it. You can also set it to display it over a compatible TV through a compatible TV for a group of people, so you do not have to call in bulk. Thanks to the iPhone 4S iCloud feature, it can be saved wirelessly and sent to other Apple devices, such as iPad 2 or iMac.

The functionality and versatility of the iMovie application means you can use it for fun, take movies of the latest holidays or days, or school and university projects. With enough exercise and patience, the results can be fantastic and as good as anything you've done on your computer. Apps such as iMovie show that the iPhone franchise is getting better and better. IMovie can be downloaded almost instantaneously via 3G or Wi-Fi for just £ 2.99 which, in my opinion, is a great value for money as the app has the capability.

Source by Chris Westley

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