Using Github's "Atom" IDE to Develop Ruby on Rails Apps was released in early 2014 by Github. It was their contribution to the unfairly advanced SublimeText offer, which was a great product, suffered from being premium-only and rarely updated. Github's method of open source Atom editor was a new work on Sublime. editor is based on an electronic framework – a system designed to do HTML / css based Applications work on native operating systems. Simply this means that the system can control an executable program file with full native capabilities – houses the NodeJS application in the back. Not only does this provide a lot of capabilities to the system, but it can also install any application built with it on a variety of devices.

To develop a Ruby on Rails application with, you will need to install several items. First, make sure you have a working Ruby profile. Once this is done, you also need to make sure you can put up gems beyond that. If you are able to do this, you can start developing RoR applications – that's where comes in.

To develop the RoR program, you need to initialize "rails" in the File of your choice. To do this, open the CMD / Bash command prompt and enter the "new window" [[app name]] ". This will initialize all necessary files inside the folder. You can then run Rails "server" ("rows s") that allows you to send and receive requests for the application in the browser.

From this point you are & # 39; You can use Atom to edit some files needed to enable your application. Because Ruby on Rails works on the Model View Controller (MVC) programming pattern, you must create a router, administrator action, and view which "URL" you want to display the user. To change routes, you can edit config / routes.rb, and then add the corresponding administrator action to programs / controllers / your_controller.rb.

The point discussed with Atom is how to add extra packages to help with development. To do this, you'd like to browse the GitHub Atom website and see what potential package you want to download – allowing you to upgrade your experience.

Source by Richard Peck

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