Using Apple iPhone in Canada using Rogers or Fido

Using Apple iPhone in Canada

Many people came to me and asked "Where did you buy the iPhone in Canada?" I answer them: "I did not buy my iPhone in Canada, I bought from Seattle, WA, and I locked my iPhone myself". Yes, that's right people. In Canada, most iPhones were purchased by Canucks who went to the States to buy. They then released the iPhone in Canada or paid someone to open them.

What mobile networks are working with the iPhone in Canada?

There are two GSM networks in Canada. First, Rogers. The second one owned by Rogers is Fido. These are the two networks that your iPhone can use in Canada. This is a very simple process for connecting iPhone to Canada. The first thing to do is put your hands on an iPhone. After a "prison sentence" (activation of iTunes was circumvented) and "unlocked" (used for any GSM network, ie – Fido, Rogers, etc.) All you have to do is place the SIM card tray with a paper clip from the tip of the iPhone and insert it the Rogers or the Fido SIM card. Turn on the phone again and – VOILA! Now there is a well-functioning iPhone in Canada! However, iPhone's new firmware version 1.1.2 can not be opened in Canada. The only way to lock such iPhones is to use the TurboSIM method to simplify the modification of your SIM card, which fits into a "tray" that snaps into the iPhone. This "tray" tries to use the iPhone and allows you to use any GSM network in Canada (or the world).

What features are working on an iPhone in Canada?

Each feature works with "jailbreaked" and "open" iPhones in Canada! The only feature that does not work is "Visual Voicemail," but this feature is only available for AT & T subscribers in the United States. YouTube, WiFi, EDGE, camera, weather, inventory, iPod, calculator, email, Google Maps, SMS, and all other features work with your iPhone in Canada. However, depending on what firmware you are running, SMS voicemail notifications will not work with Rogers or Fido. Firmware 1.1.1 users can install third-party applications that allow the iPhone to receive SMS voicemail notifications. There are also 3rd party applications that send MMS messages, install games and other entertainment programs! The possibilities are endless!

Is there a hidden cost of using an open iPhone in Canada?

The answer NO! Many people are scared of the latest news that users can bill up to $ 50,000 for a cell phone account because they are over-utilizing the data set! This is not the case with the iPhone in Canada. All you have to do to prevent billing is to remove EDGE settings on your iPhone and will not bill DIME! When the iPhone is in Canada, the Rogers and Fido EDGE settings will not be typed into your iPhone settings – so you're safe now!

I hope this article helped you understand the use of a Canadian iPhone. If you want the latest guides, news, tips and tricks about using the Canadian iPhone, please visit: The iPhone in Canada !

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