Use your marketing department to integrate and respond to incremental data

In the world today, direct marketers often talk about getting the right message to the right person on time using the appropriate channel. The fact is, very few marketers are actually creating this ideal. But it is possible. Your Marketing History Library provides an ideal framework to make this view a reality, using one or a combination of several different methods.

Promotion History

Are you using your marketing database to manage and track your promotional history? The presentation process influences many areas of marketing: artillery, previous listing and exclusion, suppression, profitability reporting, test response, testing, multi-channel marketing, cadence optimization and long-term respondents.

If you want to maximize your marketing in the database, you must be serious about monitoring and using your promotional history. Finally, effective promotional management will lead to increased response rates, increased profitability, and reduced dollar losses due to inadequate campaigns. Your press release is important and is valuable data. It plays a key role in database marketing and can improve your marketing performance in a variety of ways if it is properly used.

Touch Tracking

If you do not know who, how often and what channels you use to market your customers, it's almost unavoidable that you'll overestimate them. And this will likely affect your best customers. There are the consequences of this fatigue. Your customers can stand out and if you handle them with overwhelming, inappropriate communications, they could do it globally from all your marketing conversations. In the worst cases, they can even take social media and say how much they used to resemble your business and products, but they are now complaining that the world is seeing.

This is an easy fortune to avoid. Use the marketing database to track each marketing segment. When you're building a campaign, use your touch story to suppress customers who may be at risk of violence. Effective management of the promotional and contact process will ensure happier, more secure customers and help you strengthen relationships with your best customers.

Detailed menus

Select your exact campaign. Choose from a wide selection, including the choice based on various RFM variables, procurement, demographic and lifestyle settings or predictable body elements. Your marketing database provides you with a framework to perform each of these or combinations of these to clean well. Segment Testing

You probably have ideas about different offers, creatives or content. You can use your marketing database to build components for each of these, with corresponding steering groups, to test and test your ideas. This tool provides a framework for meditative, testing, performing, measuring and improving.


Often market participants receive information from customers about the choice of communication packaging or product selection. Only to find there is no easy way to manage this information and respond to it. Use your marketing method to capture, maintain and respond to this important information. Your customers are telling you what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Use this tool to customize and meet their needs.

Automated Listing

Maybe you have a true and proven list that you want to use repeatedly. Applications for this type of production list are almost unlimited. Perhaps you want to send your customers birthday anniversaries, text messages to brand new customers or automatic upsell offers for customers who purchase a particular product or series of products. In any case, use your marketing information to automatically, easily and efficiently produce these lists in a fully timed manner.

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