Use "Find My iPhone" to display defective devices

If you have children, you have inevitably heard them at some point they complain that they do not find any Apple devices. Missing iPhones, iPods or iPads are regularly occurring. Find My iPhone is a very useful tool to find badly placed devices.

You've probably heard news about people who use it to find the stolen iPhone. While typically giving a great news of police tracking after an unsuspecting thief to recover the stolen iPhone, it is also possible to use it for everyday use. Can be used to identify iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac computers that are simply not found in the house somewhere.

Setting Up Your Device

Before an iPhone disappears, you need to set up the device to be traced. If this feature is not activated on a device, you can not locate it. To activate this feature, open Settings and select iCloud.

If you have not signed in to iCloud, enter your Apple ID and password to enable iCloud. After iCloud is active, set Find My iPhone slider to ON.

Make sure you activate Find My iPhone on all your child devices. For each child, you must use a separate Apple ID when you activate iCloud on each device.

Download the application

Now that all devices are set up, the next step is to download Find My iPhone from the App Store. You will use the tools when they are missing. To download, open the App Store, touch the Search button at the bottom of the screen and enter the application name in the search box.

To download the device, touch the button labeled FREE, then tap INSTALL APP. After entering the password, it is automatically downloaded to your device and ready for use.

Using this App

The next time your child complains about missing a device, open Find My iPhone and enter your child's casual ID and password. Search for all Apple ID device devices. Any device that is on and connected to the Internet will be displayed on a map. Select a misplaced device from the list of devices and a screen will appear that offers the following options: Play Sound, Lost Mode, or Lock and Delete iPhone.

Play Sound

Tap the Play Sound button to simply make the missing device start playing a binging sound. The sound will play at full volume for two minutes. It is very useful to find the missing iPhone or iPod that was accidentally found in the wrong place in the house somewhere. You'll be amazed at how fast you can find a missing device by tracking the sound. The sound can also be played when the unit is set to mute. If the device is not connected to the Internet, the sound will be displayed the next time the device is online.

Lost Mode or Lock

If the device runs iOS 6, it will see the lost mode option. Devices running iOS 5 are locked. Both options are designed to prevent the lost device from being locked remotely. You must enter a password that you need to enter to unlock the device. The lost mode allows you to move the device. You can also set a message that appears on the device lock screen and provide contact information when someone finds the device.

Delete iPhone

This option remotely deletes all personal data from the missing device. If the device is not connected to the Internet, the data will be deleted the next time it's online.

Using the Web Tool

As an alternative to the application, there is a web-based tool that can be found with a missing device. From any computer web browser, go to and sign in with the Apple ID and password for the missing device. The web-based tool is very similar to self-employed.

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