US Cellular Plans To Add Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone Lineup

Many have been raving about the Samsung Galaxy S, but what exactly is that? Most people think it's a phone built by Samsung, but in fact there is a complete line of phones built for each mobile phone company.

The Galaxy actually started as i9000 in early 2010, but soon they received requests to create custom types for air carriers. Soon they had 4 variants in the market. The Samsung Captivate went to AT & T, Samsung Vibrant went to T-Mobile, Samsung Epic went to Sprint and Samsung Fascinate went to Regin.

These phones are basically the same within but everybody has a touch and someone has different applications. They all have the same processor, display, operating system and component. The carrier is able to choose what to preload on the phone as far as software so that it will be the biggest difference.

U.S.. Cellular is also planning to add their phone to this line this fall. US Cellular has long been considered to be a lack of smartphones, but this pickup should prove that they are serious competitors in the future. The Galaxy phone should be their 3rd of 5 Android phones that they are going to roll out in 2010. Not a bad year for customers looking for new technology.

If you're looking for a Galaxy phone, you probably can not go wrong with any of them. As I mentioned, they are all the same basically, and it's not bad given the reviews they've received so far. Good luck finding the perfect Samsung phone!

Source by Eric Crown

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