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 Unlimited Passive Income In 7 Minutes!

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 Unlimited Passive Income In 7 Minutes!

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 Unlimited Passive Income In 7 Minutes!

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From: Steven Hall email: s.hall@autoaffiliateprogram.com

Dear Friendship ...

Ask me the following questions ...

If you answered any of the above, I have good news for you. You're about to discover ...

I'll show you the magic formula I've used to make thousands of dollars on an auto pilot every week ... without a product, website or even list.

I was not marketing affiliate until I discovered a simple secret ...

A few years ago I became a world of affiliate marketing and it seemed to be a safe way to make money (especially since I did not own the product myself .]

The foolish plan was to find people who are interested in certain subjects and get acquainted with related related products. Sounds simple enough, right?

Boy I was in shock! Sell other peoples products much harder than I expected ... and very expensive!

I blew thousands of ads and never sold an item. Then I had an amazing idea that changed my life.

Until now, I would have been doing the same as each other. I was sending out emails, placing ads and paying for Adsense trying to persuade people to buy something.

I decided to give people free Each book contains a related relationship with related products. Every time a reader bought a product, I received a commission.

The first book was about hypnosis. I followed my link link for the popular hypnosis in the back and then just gave it away.

Giving away books tagged with your linked links is a very powerful way to earn money.

You give away a free book. People read the book and want to find out more. They click on your linked links ... and you get paid!

The more people read your books, the more money you make. So it's a good idea to allow your readers to pass them. If each reader shares the book with 3 friends, when this has happened 10 times, more than 177,000 people have read your book.

Your books can go through an unlimited number of people. When someone buys something you get paid!

That's what I love about this system ... You release a book today and it will instantly

Imagine a multiplicity of revenue that automatically flows into your account from any new book you release.

It feels good, is not it?

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With absolute focus, you can change all the books you give away in real cash that pumps more and more money into your pocket every week.

When readers log in to the program you get half of their social security expenses for life.

This incredibly passive income comes from one product in one book. Imagine how much money you will make when you give up hundreds of books like this!

Delivery of free books is a very effective way to make a lot of money. But before you can start ... you need some books!

When I started making it, I used myself to write the books. The boy was beating! I definitely do not recommend it. As soon as I made money, I started paying people to write books for me. I now have a professional team of ghost wives who continuously produce quality books for me to give away.

Do not worry, you do not have to write books or pay someone to do it for you because ...

Each book you release creates an indirect income stream that automatically pumps money into your pocket for the rest of your life!

Before you can submit your books, you need to tag them with related links.

To date, branded books have always been a complicated and chronic process. You need to install a special software and create a "Brand List" for each book you give away.

I give away lots of books, so I needed easier and faster ways to brand them. I also use a computer and all the components "software brand" I could find only worked on a Windows computer.

I had to develop my own system from scratch.

I spent years developing my system and it's absolutely unique. You do not have to install software so it works on any computer (Mac, Windows or Linux, and even iPads and Smart Phones) But most exciting of all, it's 100% automatic!

I've been a brand of books for years and I've never seen another system like this!

How did I get up with the system ...

Branded links with affiliate links is nothing new. Thousands of people are already doing this exactly ... But they are doing it in a difficult way!

What I've created is a fully automated system that does all the work for you.

I started issuing branded books in the summer of 2002. In March 2003, my indirect income grew so big that I could stop my usual job as a mortgage.

When I left work, I wanted to share my success with my friends. I tried to teach them how to copy what I was doing, but they could not do it!

Then I did everything manually. I had to include content for each book, find relevant programs to promote, brand links, design covers, ftp files and host download servers.

No friends could do any of this. That's why I created this system.

My personal system takes care of everything for you. So it's ok if you have no experience. Everything is 100% automatic. Just look at the unique benefits you'll enjoy when using my system ...

Yes! That's all you have to do!

To help you do this, I've created an amazing "Set-and-Forget" system that gives your books away for you completely automatically.

This unique system will continue to promote your branded ebooks forever! In less than 7 minutes you can get the system running ... after that ... you can sit back, put your feet up and forget about it!

We sell you with books to give away ... and we present them to you on your own website (which we sell and host for you!). We are very proud of the website we have created for you. We think you'll love it!

"One thing I should mention soon ... See the ad on the bottom right? It links back to this page ... brand with your affiliate link. Affiliate Program you get 50% of your social security fee as long as they are members . "

Now I hear you asking ....

Because I want to make it as easy as possible for you to give your free books away.

I used to send books by email ... and boy was a headache! I was eating bandwidth, blocking mailboxes and frustrating out of my readers. Something had to change.

I put my books up to release hosting sites, but it was no better. The books were removed in a few days and my readers had a nightmare with this crazy "captcha" code!

The only solution was to buy my own server. I added a bullet, bought a server and spent hours loading all my books.

Now my readers just click on a book and download right away on their computer. I do not have to do anything. Everything happens automatically.

Your website works in exactly the same way. With one very big difference ... I care about it for you.

Now that you have a cool website, it's easy to give you books. People click on a book and my system automatically identifies it with your links and downloads it to their computer!

When I initially started the system, if the reader clicked on a book he immediately downloaded and that's how it was for years. But it was throwing a golden opportunity ... now they have to wait 60 seconds to download the link to become active.

While they wait, they see a presentation of the current top-selling product related to the book they & # 39; have chosen If they buy the product you get paid.

This powerful addition to the system puts very highly targeted (and highly transforming!) Product right in front of your reader while still (what we call in the world's world) HOT !!!

My team closely monitors the market and updates regular product features for each book, such as the promotion you see under the countdown, it's the product that sells the best!

Sometimes the promotion is a free offer, but do not worry, because the free offer always leads to promotions that put money in your pocket.

By default, a visitor does not have to enter his e-mail address to get the book. But there is only one option. If you want, you can collect your email address so that you can build a list of highly targeted options.

We provide you with a unique link on an eye-catching squeeze page for each book (fully hosted on our server) just enter your list name, choose a book to introduce and we will see you everything else.

Here is a sample page page ...

Having your own list is so powerful. Even if you do not have a product. Since releasing free books, I have a list of every niche you can form ... Most I do not know ... but it's very easy for me to find great products that I can list in my lists .

I will show you where you find these products too.

Most of the products you'll advertise include email templates that you can just copy and paste into your automated response. When a new reader downloads a book, they are automatically added to the list and the autoresponder will continue to send promotions without having to think about it.

If you find a temporary presentation that you want to send to your list, you can easily send a broadcast message with just a few clicks.

He sent me my payment with PayPal, here's my confirmation center ...

And what am I doing with the money?

I have already spent two nights in Paris with my family ... Here is the hotel we are staying at, it's not beautiful ...

Remember that it was paid for by less than 5 minute work ... just by sending one email to a list that I built automatically after giving away a free book. I did not even have to write the email, I just copied the one that was granted to me.

You can also do this. Promoting affiliate products on your list is a great way to do a little while. And it's almost effortless. The merchants provide you with everything you need, you copy and just look.

If you're something like me, I'm very excited to start. Having your own website is really cool ... and nothing strikes passive income!

Before you claim your membership, allow me to answer any questions you may have, so you know this is for you ...

Q. How do I get money to give free books?

Every time a reader buys a product or signs up in a membership plan from one of the books, you will be paid. It does not matter if you gave them the book directly or if it has been sent for 20 years. When someone buys something you get paid!

All products in your books are sold through ClickBank. When a reader buys a product from one of your books, complete the ClickBank order on a secure server. They take the money from the customer and replace it. A percentage of the money goes to you to make a sale, the rest goes to the merchandise.

Q. How does ClickBank know that I formed sales?

Every book you give away is a pre-brand with a unique identifier that links it with you. Even if your book has been shared with millions of times, ID will never change the changes. ClickBank will always know to lend you to create a sale.

Q. How much money can I expect to do?

Q. What products are advertised in the books I give away?

Your books contain products and membership plans related to each book's content. We only have products with low repayment capacity and high quality website. Whenever possible, we choose products that maximize your earnings with the option of sales and continued membership options.

Q. How many lists can I build?

As many as you want, there are no limits.

Q. Can you access my list?

No, if you choose to build a list, members are added to your account on all profits, not ours. We have no access to them at all.

Q. How do my artists download their books?

Do not worry, we take it completely for yourself. After sending the email, we will send you the download page of our secure server, as they can access their book.

Q. What if I do not want to build a list?

It's okay. If you choose not to build a list, the system will not ask for the guestbook. In fact, we say they do not even have to send an email address to encourage them to download the book.

Q. I have no experience of Internet Marketing, will I be able to do this?

Yes! Anyone can do this. You do not need any special skills or knowledge, just follow our simple video and all your business becomes an automated pilot!

Q. Need a website? Hosting Company? Website? FTP? Download server?

No. You do not need anything. We make all the complex stuff for you.

Q. Do I need to download or install something?

No. There is nothing to install or download. The brand system, your website and all your books are indeed hosted on our server.

Q. How do I quit my membership?

If you want to leave (for some reason) we will be very sorry to see you go. If we can do something to help please contact. We listen to our members and constantly try to improve our service. If you decide not to be, you can leave at any time. There are no obligations or obligations. Just drop us email and we will immediately cancel your membership, not difficult feelings.

:) Amazing !!!!! The hotel was truly beautiful and the recipient was from Puerto Rico, so she had a lot to talk about (in Spanish) with my beloved, who is from Colombia. The highlight of my trip was to go up to the Triumph town. I'm going to show my ignorance here, but I did not even know you could get into it! If you're ever in Paris, make sure you do it, it's just as magnificent inside and it's on the outside .. but beware .. there are plenty of steps! (As I wrote this little update, it's now May 8th and I'm back in Colombia to prepare the paperwork for our wedding.)

Publishing branding books is one of the most powerful ways to make money online that no one

There is a very good reason for this ...

Today everything changes!

This is the only system that ....

Before I consider it, let me tell you about 1 more benefit from my system. A benefit that will help you lose tens of thousands of dollars ...

A few years later, I realized that earnings from one of my books stopped suddenly. I checked the product line and was referred to one of these "error 404" pages! The product was shipped!

This was a disaster, I had given away thousands of copies of the book and encouraged readers to pass. With the "death link" the book was worthless. The crazy thing is, the book is still passing online, I can not stop it. Every day more and more people read it but nobody can buy anything!

To prevent this from happening again, I thought of a revolutionary network that automatically demands to see if the product is available. If it is not, then the reader is referred to a similar product.

This means I can personally guarantee that your branded books will never expire!

This unique feature has never been seen before will save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Add this amazing benefit to the fact that your books have been designed to go viral and you can easily see how insane this system is. Your books can be shared with an unlimited number of people and they never expire!

Requesting books is not only a great way to make money, it's a great way to secure your future.

Before we talk about prices, let's talk about value. What do you get when you become a member ...

The old saying "You can not judge a book by cover" has had their day! On the internet, a professional designer is an obvious bookshop, the best way to get a lot of people downloading your books! And more people downloading your books ... the more money you make!

Every book we sell for you is a pre-branded brand-related link, ready to make you money right away!

All your branding books are stored on a secure server, ready and waiting for your interested readers! You'll never have to send an email or an FTP book! Just point people on the website to download any book in seconds!

We offer you a great website! With your unique 1-Click technology readers can download your books in one click! None of what is & # 39; Save Target As ... & # 39; nonsense or & # 39; Captcha & # 39; code. If they look like a book, just click on it. Simple!

People need to know about your books! And our unique "Set and forget" system ensures that they do it. Every time we add a new book, we tell your Twitter followers and Facebook friends for you. We even invite them to share their friends with integrated Tweet and like buttons to help spread the books even further!

Our unique connectivity system ensures that every ebook you release will continue to provide you with absolutely indirect income for the rest of your life!

If you decide to use our system to build an email list, you will get a list of highly targeted options that you can continue to introduce to you forever! Do not worry that you have nothing to sell on your list, we'll show you how to find lots of highly transformed related products with email templates that you can just copy and little!

That's what the nuts and bolts of the system are worth ... but what with the huge impact this will have on your life?

Well, as you've already seen, thanks for the Auto Affiliate Program, sending out one email that took less than 5 minutes of my time turned into a romantic trip to Paris :) It's a kind of "work" that makes me very content. I do things like this all the time, I just thought I'd share this with you as it's my latest little treat (I'm writing this in March 2017)

As you can see, indirect income from demand improves quality of your life, but it also adds the amount too ...

When your earnings are on Auto-Pilot, you do not have to invest yourself time to earn money. I stopped working back in 2003, now I just do things that make me happy. How many hours do you have to work for your salary every month? Imagine getting all these hours back, to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

You are likely to think that this option has a great price tag. Every book you start without delay creates a totally indirect income stream that lasts forever. And building a list of highly targeted prospects means you can send & copy & paste & # 39; presentation whenever you want some fun.

Your one-piece earnings could go tens of thousands of dollars, but you have a lot of books ... and the lists you can build are even more valuable! They are forever, it's an amazing property that you can use to make money when you need it.

Indeed, not even half that ...

But I have to warn you ... This is a very limited offer ...

This is not a gimmick - I will close the door on this opportunity very soon ! I'm only offering this opportunity to a limited number of people. When my quota is full, the door will close and I will not accept any new members.

If you understand this page now and come back later and the system is unavailable, there's nothing I can do about it.

Your investment is fully guaranteed. You can cancel anytime. Our email is admin@autoaffiliateprogram.com

To help you get your business a flying start, I also give you full access to my entire product list with branded books! There are over 50 fully-featured books ... that are all ready to make you money now!

Thank you for reading this invitation. Delivering books has totally transformed my life. This is by far the easiest and most effective way to generate passive income. I wish you all the best of luck in the future and look forward to welcoming you to the social center.

Steven Hall email: s.hall@autoaffiliateprogram.com

PS. In just 7 minutes, everything will be on an autopilot. It's all you need to set up the whole system and you can sit back and relax knowing that your passive income will continue to grow for the rest of your life. ! [19659002] PPS. This is the first and only labeling system that ensures that your links never end! If a product is removed from sales, your links will automatically change to another product. So your books will never stop making you money!

PPPS. It's not just a great way to make money, it's also a great way to create a positive karma! The more you give, the more you get.

Auto Affiliate Program Member Reviews

"It's one of the greatest membership plans I've ever seen for AutoPilot Affiliate Revenue. And you're ready to promote branding books with your own linking device at your clickbank. You can only work in a few hours and after the books become viral, you can expect a lifetime subscription to AutoPilot.

I think this is very great and

I am pleased to say that Steven Hall and his team did a great job to create such a an amazing platform for the Internet marketer.

"Instead of spending time, money and effort to create useful information books, AAP will do all this for you without any effort at all. I have gone through the majority of books in the area and I have to say they are all very well and professionally written. They also come with beautiful ecovers. The best part is that your affiliate links are automatically embedded in these books too.

To make money, just give up as many of these books as you can. For those who do not have a website, AAP has even created a linked page for you and it looks great.

Affiliate Auto Affiliate Program is not a brainer for those looking for extra income online.

WebTraffic (Allen Says & Warrior Forum Member)

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 Unlimited Passive Income In 7 Minutes!

at discounted price while it's still available...

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

 Unlimited Passive Income In 7 Minutes!

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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