Unemployment in Bangladesh

Unemployment means a shortage of facilities for disabled people, both illiterate and illiterate. There is a problem in the world. No country in the world is completely unemployed. In fact, it is a common phenomenon in almost all countries of the world – both developed and developed. Bangladesh is a developing country. It is trapped in serious unemployment. Unemployment in Bangladesh is more than 25% of the total population.

Cause of unemployment:

Unemployment occurs when more people are looking for employment than opportunities are for employment. Many are the cause of unemployment in Bangladesh. Such as –

>> Population: Bangladesh is a country over the population. As employment aid can not be maintained, we can increase the number of people. It is now considered a problem in Bangladesh. Population has become overwhelming for the country, instead of being an asset. Growth in population growth is now 21.6 per thousand, which is quite scary.

>> Lack of industrialization: Bangladesh is very backward in industry. They can only record the number of fingers in the number of people. Cottage industries have almost stopped. The industries can barely stand in the face of strong and unhealthy world competition.

>> Inadequate education system: Bangladesh education system is very flawed. There is little provision for voluntary training for the student. It is impossible to give him an independent beginning of life. The number of educated unemployed people increases daily from the cause of jam meeting in higher education institutions.

>> False deception: There are students and adolescents who are false feelings of becoming bosses. They run with frustration after the illusion of public employment and continue unemployed. They believe service is more honest than an independent company. Here they give little attention to the respect of manual work.

>> Lack of skills: There is serious insufficient professionalism in Bangladesh. The inventory index is fully absent in them. As a result, unskilled unemployed. Again, there is an imbalance in the spread of national wealth and the strength of wealth to few to create unemployment directly or indirectly.

>> Lack of Investment: Investment bans a way to create opportunities for employment. But most of the people in Bangladesh are disastrous with extreme poverty and living in their hands. Therefore, there is a huge lack of savings in the country. Because of the lack of saving, there is a lack of investment. Again, investors feel safe to invest in private companies instead of public companies because of political turmoil in the country.

>> Lack of proper resource utilization: The countries that people often grab Bangladesh as "poor prisoners of rich countries". This unexpected statement implies that they have not yet been able to save a lot by doing the right and best use of their magnificent beautiful natural resources. As a result, they are behind much more of the world's other developing countries.

>> Lack of Positive Views and Prospects: Bangladesh has a serious problem of unlawful and accompanying superiors. This problem is placing great emphasis on dealing with the development of all countries and progress. Most of the nations there adhere to a negative attitude towards life. They are largely led by faith in destiny and leave everything according to God's will.

Unemployment problem is a major social harm and malignant for Bangladesh. It has given rise to various social crimes. Unemployed man falls under poverty and loses spiritual peace. Life will be buried with him. He becomes a hungry man and an angry man. But he is involved in different social projects. The wording also goes, & nbsp; A permissible brain is a devil's tool. This problem is getting more and more acute day by day. It is a major threat to the nation.

Source by Tahmid Ahmed

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