UK Kindle Fire Versus iPad

Turn on fire or iPad?

As Amazon has announced the release of its own tablet in the UK and other European markets by the end of October, consumers will be faced with more options when choosing their gadget. Amazon announced 2 types – "Basic" Kindle Firefox and HD, which included 16 or 32GB of storage on the device (regular Fire has 8GB).

As it is strong Amazon that is building this tablet, it can not be referred as another "I too" tablet like some of the others based on the market. The table is Amazon's single most popular item in the United States since it was launched last year, another good reason to look at this table seriously.

I bought the Kindle in USA last November and have had enough time to play by giving you my personal opinion here. To be fair, however, my purchase in November was a bit of a sudden because I did not take into account that there was no market share in Europe yet and these other media, such as movies, would not be available. My family and I have used Amazon gadgets to browse the internet and download and read books though and have really enjoyed this gadget.

We also have iPad, although it's not the latest model. However, we use both the charts and find that each has different advantages in some areas and weaknesses in others. The main idea when choosing a new tablet should be how you will use it. What you want to watch multiple images, a bigger screen of iPad will be an option. If you want to read an e-book, there is clearly less weight and size Kindle Firefox plus.

The main disadvantages of igniting the fire are the fact that it does not come with a camera or microphone that rules out using Skype and lacking 3 / 4G options, so you have to rely on WiFI.

One of Amazon's biggest assets that brings fruit with Kindle Fire is a major "ecosystem" media (18 million movies, songs, magazines, books, etc.). Users can lose movies (Love Film is an Amazon company), audio book (audible belongs to Amazon too) and, of course, e-books. Amazon has also been busy building an app store, although it seems that iTunes still offers more apps. Another great feature of Kindle Fire is the fact that it fully supports Adobe Flash Player. If you've used iPhone or iPad then you'll probably have come across the annoying moment when you've found something online but can not watch it because it's powered by Flash Player as Apple's. devices do not support.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the basic feature has a fairly limited 8GB of storage on the device that can turn off many consumers. However, Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage for all its own content.

Another great feature of the ignition is the Micro-HDMI (micro-D port) port for high definition video output for television or A / V receivers. This means you can watch movies you're uploading from Lovefilm and other videos on your TV channel, too, turn on Power on or off.

The biggest option that Kindle Fire has got is its price – basic 7 "Kindle The fire is available for £ 129 HD with 16GB storage for £ 159 (£ 199 for the 32GB version.) IPad at £ 399 and you could be Taking a decision on the Amazon tablet! Given how fast new and even better devices are launched these days, I would definitely go for Kindle and would like to upgrade later and still have money in the bank!

More information can be found on Turn on Fire UK Audit Video .

Source by Marc Mathews

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