Ubuntu two advantages over Windows and Mac

We have used Ubuntu since the older versions, but Canonics has changed its OS to a new level by releasing the new version 10.04. I think this is the best Ubuntu I have ever had and there are mainly two main reasons for this thought.

Comprehensive Software Updates

The world's most expensive security vulnerabilities come from third-party applications, Windows and Mac machines are at significant risk because they run a lot of these applications and these applications are not always updated automatically, allowing the machines to launch attacks.

Ubuntu has a comprehensive update system. This is possible because its central software application and the applications that make this storage are tested by Canonical (Ubuntu Ubuntu) for its stability with Ubuntu.

This means that Ubuntu main storage does not always have the latest version of Firefox, but you can be sure that the one that it has will usually install easy, work well and keep updating automatically.

Built-in App Store

While software Ubuntu is stored with an application called Synaptic Package Manager, it is also easier to browse the official Ubuntu program, called the Ubuntu software center and simply like the Apple App Store. This application library will help you install the continuous programs that they are tested and certified by Canonical for Ubuntu usage. Software setup through this area is as you do in Windows only, select the application you want to install and start installation.

Source by Jaibee Joseph

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