Types of Jobs Using Microsoft Excel

Are you considering learning how to use Excel better? Many people use Excel in their daily work and they are not necessarily accounting or financial experts. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet that allows you to monitor and store various information effectively. This article will explain some of the traditional and unconventional career sites that can utilize talent with Excel. When you have finished reading this piece, you should have a much clearer view of how Excel might be useful in different areas of the business world.


As a spreadsheet, Excel was originally intended to copy large paper documents that have been used by accounting staff for more than one hundred years. Auditors are responsible for monitoring and categorizing all individual transactions that make the day in business operation. Excel is a great tool for this because it allows them to track business information, track performance against expectations and goals, and provide custom and useful reports about virtually any aspect of business accounting.


Accurately linked accounting, financial experts pursue a wide range of business and enterprise performance analysis. Finance could use complex statistical analysis to predict future business performance or to find correlation between certain events and the consequences of these consequences. Finance is also used to learn the right capital structure of an enterprise.


Marketing is a discipline that aims to produce and meet the demand for the company's products. As such, one of their main roles is to direct corporate companies into relevant channels to generate demand and raise awareness about the company. These channels are commonly known as "ads" and it is usually the cost of using them. These costs may be human or monetary, but in both cases it is an investment that should be tracked and monitored to ensure that it creates appropriate returns in terms of new income. Again, Excel rescues by offering easy formats to organize all of these marketing costs and match the results they create.

Project Planning

While there are more powerful project management tools available, Excel makes an excellent job of organizing and managing more simple tasks that come from day to day in business. Many project managers will use Excel to create Gantt charts that can showcase the steps and stages of the project and help keep things towards the ultimate goal.

As you can see, although Excel was originally conceived as a finance and accounting tool, there are a number of other uses for it. From market management to more blurred use like project testing, Microsoft Excel is a tool that uses a wide range of jobs. You might be aware of how it could be a useful tool for joining your internship.

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