Twitter: Tips and tricks for iPhone users

Utilizing the Advantage of Advanced Timeline Options

By default, the Twitter iPhone application only shows the last 100 messages since you last checked your account. The pause in the timeline is indicated by the stripline on the picture. Tweets in the tweet below tweets from their previous Twitter, but what about those we're talking about.
Solution: Touch Timeline to pause Twitter to load missed tweets.

Return to the highest level of Twitter Timeline
This trick may be a little complicated, but if it gets good, you'll catch it. So go straight to the Twitter Timeline, instead of scrolling to the top, instead of scrolling to the top.
Solution: Double tap Home at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

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It's not just that annoying that half-a-way for you is a beep, and there's something the original beep that needs to be checked. But that means you have to go back to the original tweet and start over again. Well, no, we still have a solution.
Solution: Place your finger in the answer text and drag the text area down so the original tweet appears. Here, you can check the content you need to create a response.

Copy and Paste Features in Tweets
Since Apple finally allowed copying and pasting on the iPhone, you can now replace tweet or users 'bio text on the iPhones' clipboard. As always on the clipboard on the devices, you can freely insert the clipboard wherever you choose.
Solution: Just hold your finger over the text you want to copy, the copy tab appears, or if you have not selected all the text you want, you can also move the two needles that are in the shaded area. This is a small finger complicated if I like your fingers.

Find an original URL for a Tweet.
Someone has sent you a tweak, and maybe more information is attached to you or you just have to see the URL for the original to share the other in a different media format. For Twitter or other social media marketing users, this is a handy little tip you need.
Solution: Open the original Tweets within the timeline, touch Sharing. From the new popup menu, select Copy Link (if there is one option that best suits your needs, use it in the popup menu). This places a copy of the Tweets original URL directly on the iPhones Clipboard, which is ready to paste where you really want to use it. I use this often when I blog from Word Press iPhone.

Activate Twitter and iPhone connectivity options.
For those who frequently use Twitter, we all know that everyone wants to attach different URL types to Tweets, simply because they are made up of 140 characters. So Twitter offers us a number of opportunities that these relationships can make. Again, it is a simple touch-screen technology.
Solution: With your fingertips, hold down the URL for a few seconds and release it to display the new option panel. Select the option you want and move away. Tap this URL to simply activate the URL you want and reach the desired location.

Show all direct messages (DM) as read
If you are running in a short time or have already viewed the basics of DMs on another device, and you do not have to click each to view the content one by one, notice how many unread DMs are available.
Solution: Open the DMs panel on the iPhone, and in the lower right corner of the checkmark (or what the British call) tap this option to display a new menu that includes: Mark All As Read option.

As always, we hope you enjoy our tips and find some useful stuff.

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