Troubleshooting monitors

Monitors may occasionally face image problems from time to time. Older monitors are generally faced with display issues because parts have been used for years. There are other reasons why the monitor can experience display issues.

If there is no picture on the screen, make sure the signal cable is connected to the socket. Sometimes the monitor switch is turned off so the image on the computer screen does not appear. It is possible that the monitor screen's brightness is set too dark so there is no image display. Most of the dimmer buttons are located below the monitor.

If the monitor is not synchronized, check the output level. The output level of the monitor must be the same as the input level. The signal timing must match the monitor's requirement.

If the image does not appear in the center, you can adjust the H-size, H-Phase, and V-Center controls to make the necessary adjustments.

If the picture on the monitor is too bright, you can control the brightness control. You can control the brightness of the image with the plus or minus symbols. Pressing the plus sign will lighten the monitor. If you press the minus sign, the monitor will be less light. Sometimes the extreme brightness of the image is caused by the proper voltage that is on the monitor. The horizontal frequency may be too bright or dark.

When shaking the screen, remove the magnetic object near the monitor. The magnetic object should be placed in a remote location. Magnetic object objects that emit magnetic energy. Magnetic objects include magnets and motors.

You need to send the monitor to the computer repair center if the above method does not help solve the monitor problem.

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