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Well, I'm an iPhone user and I love my wonderful little equipment. It lit my boring life and I can not take my hand. After months of use, I noticed that so many amazing features have been incorporated into this little thing. So, it surfed for hours on the Internet to learn useful tricks to help you make the most of my iPhone. So far I have found many resourceful websites and useful tricks and tips.

Here I want to share some tips and tricks I use repeatedly.

first Making a call from Safari

If you like, you can dial a phone number in Safari. Just tap the number and the iPhone will dial for you.

2nd To play music faster or slower

Go to Settings, select iPod, then tap Audio Book Speed, Slow, Normal or Faster. You can adjust the music tempo in three different styles.

3rd Set Parental Control

If you do not want your child to see certain information or features for your iPhone, you can disable it. Go to the Settings menu, select General and tap Restrictions.

4th IPod icon can be changed

I previously thought your iPod icon was set by default and can not be changed. Later I will come to dawn to be changed. Go to iPod, touch Configure, then More, tap Edit Tap Done when done.

5th Using the iPhone abroad

The roaming fee is very high when I traveled abroad. But anyway, I still have to use the iPhone. If you are outside, select carriers who have roaming agreement with the iPhone. Go to Settings, then tap Carrier and select it.

6th The Aircraft Mode can do a lot. Using Airplane mode, you can turn off mobile services, preventing roaming talk. In addition, battery life can be saved in this mode.

Source by Daisy Chen

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