Traditonal Vs. Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Some people say there is no difference between traditional tattoos and neoclassical tattoos; although the differences are small, they are still there. Traditional tattoos consist of dark heavy stroke and solid colors. They are regularly designed and use a limited color palette that is red, green, yellow, brown, and blue, with little shade.

At the time, tattoo culture stood on many edges and margins of society, in contrast to mainstream appeal and the authenticity of fine arts. These sailors receive iconic images of their bodies as a celebration of service; for example, only completed sailors who came far into the ground and who were able to swallow a few miles away. Traditional tattoos are not usually created, but simply flash on walls.

"Traditional" deals with specific images: patriotic symbols such as eagles, ships, anchors, American flags, daggers, pin-ups, swallows, and naval stars. All of these symbols came from the classic sailor and the navy icons that came into effect at the beginning of the 20th century when soldiers returned to the States and tattooed.

The neoclassical tattoo respects the classical, timeless artistic form through the same techniques; bold lines and heavy saturation with minimal shades and details. However, the pictures and designs used are generally more diverse and the color palette used is more varied. In the purely "American" tattoo style, neo-traditional candles, light fixtures, diamonds, coffins and other concepts were included and made them "traditional".

Not to be confused with New-School, cartoon-like, exaggerated and colorful tattoos, neoclassical "Old School" revival, roots and origins celebration.

The birth beauty that is offered by the traditional tattoo style for every generation of fans; Daring lines and clear colors fade away and offer a long service life and longevity.

In addition to the traditional and the gray scene, traditional has proved to be the only tattoo style that stands for the test of time and is always borne by the audience. The beauty of the traditional tattoo is just that; there will always be artists who seek to recreate classical tattoos and culture that have helped to create the path and create a tattooing industry today.

Today artists such as Myke Chambers, the opening of the new generation of professional, traditional tattoos, the rise of new frontiers of art and the survival of the tradition.

Source by Leo Gomon

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